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26 Rules of the Road

Hello, Monday! I’m back to my regular posting schedule after a trip to Texas and a family reunion in the southern part of Oklahoma. I mentioned this little did bit in June’s Taking Inventory Series blog post about why and how June’s a busy month for me: It’s my birthday month! And now, we are down to my birthday week! ^.^

The next two blog posts will be about some life lessons I’ve had over the past 26 years and today I’ve got a list of 26 pieces of advice, life advice, etc. This works well with today’s title featuring 26 rules of the road.

Header photo from June 2016, when I was on a music internship at Juilliard in New York City for the International Trombone Festival.

26 Rules of the Road

  • Understand that our God/Creator/Source/Higher Source/Universe, whatever you believe or do not believe, has a wonderful sense of humor. For example, my smart car was covered in dust from the reunion trip and I figured I would have to go get my car washed. On the three hour drive home, Mother Earth took care of that for me and the rain followed me for an hour.
  • Take three deep breathes to ease into wherever you are and to help keep calm from various distracting elements around us.
  • Speaking of breathing, start breathing from the diaphragm. My years in various band programs taught me this basic principle. Breathing from the chest doesn’t help with calming down during an anxiety or panic attack, or any other life thing.
  • Find your own rhythms. I’ve started enjoying early mornings during the summer and working on my own personal energy levels to be productive and relaxed.
  • It’s easy to become upset with events in the past that built you to being a strong person in the present. I’ve had to take steps away from social media, people, certain thoughts and feelings because of this. Learning to separate from the pain but also learning from it is a part of life.
  • Taking care of yourself requires your effort and healing, not anyone else’s. Stringing someone along isn’t healthy and you’ll lose a friend that way. 24 year old 2017 Danielle, I’m looking right at you.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.I’m officially now a Junior at the University of Oklahoma and I was originally planned to graduate from college in 2016; 2019; etc. the Universe’s timing is more ultimate than mine.
  • You don’t have to be married, with kids, and ready for intimacy at a certain age. Swim against society’s pressures if you have to. Go your own way!
  • Spend more time in nature. Once a week lake visits, evening strolls, whatever you can do will help not just yourr heart chakra, but help clear out some mental space..
  • As my lunch kit says, what ever’s good for your soul, do that.
Childcare approved lunch kits
  • Even with childhood trauma or whatever life thing that’s happened, understand that your parents learned their learning style from their parents. You can always gain control of your emotions by claiming you for yourself, not just your family history.
  • Water is an important resource for our bodies. They help us stay hydrated and refreshed. Hydrated Cat’s your best friend on Twitter to remember to drink water.
  • I enjoy astrology and the like but its not for everyone. Same goes for various religious doctrines. Morale of the story is- do not shove religion in someone’s face.
  • You can take control of your spending habits. It is always a better feeling to have a debt bill paid off or money in your emergency fund than spending money on items you don’t necessarily need.
  • Be kind to your co-workers, friends, and family. Most importantly- be kind to yourself.
Accentuate the Positive
  • Think Happy Thoughts, a basic concept from Peter Pan. Find Your Happy. Be Positive!
  • invest in what makes you tick. Creativity, video games, stable home life- that can mean investing money or energy. Both work just as well.
  • There’s a difference between energy management and time management. You can learn the difference by listening to this podcast episode from Craig Groeschel.
  • One hour before bed and the first hour you are up, turn off the TV, or any technology (unless you are reading an ebook). This will help shut down your brain so you can sleep.
  • Reading or writing before sleep can help you go to sleep and have a restful night’s rest.
  • Transitioning to a zero waste, environmentalism. eco-friendly lifestyle takes time.
  • Consider what you are eating or drinking. What you consume shows through body chemicals and the like. On that same vein, build stronger healthier eating habits by overpowering old one’s.
  • Say no when you need to.
  • Say yes when you want to.
  • Depression or any mental health issues is a way for your body to communicate with your soul. For me, depression tells me to adjust my lifestyle and focus on the positive. Anxiety tells me to breathe and relax… think of what constants are in your life and recall them. My apartment is my safe space; Jupiter’s (my cat) going to be at home ready for me to go to bed; I still love water.
  • The sun is still here, always. It rises and it sets. It won’t go away until something scientific happens but until then know that the sun’s positive energy is always here through the winter and the rain storms.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post and I’ll see you all again for the next post!
Happy Summer,
Danielle Sullivan

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