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Welcome to today’s newest blog post. September unvealed into slow down September and I took a longer amount of rest time with my blogging and writing than expected. Nonetheless, I’ve slowly edged back into finding ways to being more open and free to creativity and blogging regularly, and am still hoping to catch-up on blog posts. I tend to write them out on paper first and then type them, since that creativily works best for me. Not too great time wise, but that’s been a theme for this semester thus far.
It’s now bee ntwo years of consistent Taking Inventory Series on this blog and below we take a dive into the inner workings of my life with an additional category question.

Let’s begin!

I miss this light-up pumpkin… it broke while moving in 2017. I may eventually buy this one again at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s at the end of the season!

Word of the month: Cultivate. This is my word for 2019 and during the first quarter of the year, I was able to incorporate it frequently in my day to day life. Last month included recommendations from friends and co-workers for me to participate in the Last 90 Days Challenge created by the author of Girl, Wash Your Face (Rachel Hollis). This challenge has sparked the return to my word of the year- cultivate! Cultivate new words; cultivate refreshed art; cultivate strong relationships, positivity, and meaningful teaching moments with kids (at both of my jobs).
I’m also particiating in Month of Find Your Happy as suggested by a podcast I listen to. I’ve started a Twitter thread that you can follow to see what my 31-positive moments in my day are! And one of those days might include a photo of my first ever carved pumpkin next week! 😀

Eating & Drinking: I’ve consumed coffee that’s freshly brewed at work and school on Sundays and occasional work-week days. I’ve also begun researhcing how to make Apple Cider at-home (something I look forward to making as we draw closer to Halloween)! For foods, soups are my personal favorite. I’ve tried some tomato soup reciepes from my slow-cooker but the past two reciepes haven’t been up to my taste buds.

Writing: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins next month. Most writing will be here on the blog but I do have a 30 day poetry challenge I’d like to start up this month or during November. I’ve fallen behind on writing due to my lack of dedication in its various forms (time, energy, self-blockages, etc.). This is something I plan on working through for these last days of the year. One of my Five to Thrive goals within the Last 90 Days Challenge is to read and write for 30 minutes a day. That means dedicating either 15 minutes to each task, or 30 minutes to reading or writing. I’ve had success with meeting th reading goal, but not as much with the writing goal.

Wherre’s the part about what books I”m reading in October? You can always subscribe to receive an email or update when October’s TBR post is up. ❤

On the first full weekend of the month, Bank of America customers are allowed one free visit to an approved museum in their area. Yesterday, I went to the National Cowoby & Western Heritage Museum for the third month in a row! 
They were doing construction with Prosperity Junciton, which is always the highlight of my visit! This is me chilling out at the Saloon
On the first full weekend of the month, Bank of America customers are allowed one free visit to an approved museum in their area. Yesterday, I went to the National Cowoby & Western Heritage Museum for the third month in a row!
They were doing construction with Prosperity Junciton, which is always the highlight of my visit! This is me chilling out at the Saloon

Habits I’m adjusting: Here’s teh new category question I mentonied in my introduction. Two not so great habit that’s formed have affected my dedication to school and productivity. The first is that I noticed I was only working on beginner spanish on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the day homework is due and hours before the night class begins. My first exam was last week and over the past two weeks I’ve been able to study on Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m adjusting my study habits to allow me to spend smaller amounts of time a few days a week on school work rather than large chunks on fewer days. Last month, my cat and I broke my desk (you can read all about it in the button below) and doing any work at home has required me to cope without a proper desk. Until I move, I’ve been using my altar-like side table near my bed or laying on the floor to do basic computer or hand-written work. I prefer leaving my kitchen counter for meal times.

The second habit I’m adjusting has been an issue once or twice a month and I made this mistake last night because I was waiting for my mom to call me back. My phone needs to be away from the bed and charging next to my bookshelf, so when my alarm goes off I will be forced to physically get up and turn it off, rather than rolling over and shutting it off. Another one of my Five to Thrive’s this month is to wake-up an hour earlier for ME. Waking up at 6 am (instead of 7) on weekdays and 7 am (instead of 8) has allowed me to do a few things around the hosue before continuing on with the day.
It’s a minor adjustment and a habit that comes around once a month or less but I’m looking forward to resuming my sleep schedule this week!

Watching: Mainly been binge watching 2004 WWE Raw episodes via my HDMI extender for my iPad and iPhone. I will eventually resume Doctor Who before it leaves Amazon but I’m actually hoping to start another show this month on Amazon’s streaming service.
HINT: said TV show will be mentioned and revealed in October’s TBR post. What show do you think it is? I’d love to read your guesses in the comments below!

With fall here, this song alwyas helps me appreciate the fall days ahead. ❤

Listening: I finished Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis before October began and I have less than an hour left of the audiobook I’m on (again, said book will be mentioned in October’s TBR post). After I finish this audiobook I will be resuming podcasts again on the final stretch of commuting from OKC to Norman for the next two-ish months. Write or Die Podcast continues to be helpful as we prepare for this upcoming NaNoWriMo season!

Waiting for: Hmmm
The only thing I can think of is a fun project I’ll be in later this month. There’s also the Red River collegiate game this weekend (BEAT SAXET!- read it backwards for comprehension. I’ll have a couple of no school days this week and on October 25th with the local schools being on Fall break later this week. Hallelujah!
Oh, and MLB postseason. I haven’t been able to watch any of the playoff games due to scheduling, but I suppose since my favorite, the Boston Red Sox, didn’t make it this year I’ll root for any team… except New York.

Sneak peak photo for a future blog post! Jupiter didin’t want to co-operate for this photo but I don’t blame him- it was 7 am!

Enjoying: I used to not love or appreciate the fall weather seasons. For at least the past two years, I’ve been able to work on my mindfulness with how I perceive the colors, smells, and environment changes around me. From the warm and hot days to the cool and chilly days (and nights). This morning we were already in the midst of a cold front of 56!
A bonus to the fall season includes MLB Postseason Baseball and the World Series; College and NFL Football; Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, and other seasonal flavors; the falling Autumn leaves and other beautiful Earth awakening ambiences.
Even something as simple as orange colored leaves and dark sunsets can lighten the looming colder weather and dead (yet truly alive) trees.

Loving: Emotions. Typically when I think and discuss emotions, its been from a negative perspective. Recently, September’s taught me new lessons in being able to distinguish betwee nteh various emotions that on the shallow end, all operate the same but at its core are fundamentally unique.
Even when stressors plaque me from school, work, and personal life. I’ve begun to use the resources I have to cope and shift my mood from anxiety/depression/dispair/to neutralaity- where I can find peace amidst the chaos.
And even during October’s Month of Find Your Happy and finding ten things to be grateful for during the Last 90 Days Challenge, there’s always a postive aspect to the daily ebbs and flows of life.

What are some of your favorite things in October?
I’d love to chat with you about all things fall, Halloween, and October-related in the comments below this post!
And, to read your guesses about what show I’ll be watching soon!
Have a wonderful and restful month!
Autumn Cheers,
Danielle Sullivan

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