Two cute photos and one important message

Today’s photography share are of photos I’ve taken while being on campus at the University of Oklahoma. One of them, are of some dogs I got to pet at the OU English Club Pizza & Puppies event from a couple of weeks ago.
The week after that, I was on my way to my counseling appointment on campus and the message board grasped my attention. I took the photo after my appintment and it’s the message I truly needed to hear last week.

I hope you enjoy these adorable pictures as September fades away and into the spookyness and wonder of October!

The one closest to the photo is quite a Leo and adventurous by nature.

I meant to write down the names of all the dogs I got to walk with and pet. Oh well.

Squeals because this corgi is so ADORABLE!!
Let this message sink in. ❤

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Have a beautiful weekend,
Danielle Sullivan

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