08.2019 Cosmetics

You read the caption correctly. The make-up and beauty products I used in August.
I’ve slowed down while also speeding through academics, work, and personal life. This weekend, my intention is to catch-up on blog posts during my study breaks.
And also know that the beauty products I used in September should be out next week, or the week after!
The amount of beauty products I completely used up in August is a small quantity compared to the previous months. Yesterday, I was able to recycle two of the plastic packaging at my local recycling center- and yes, I did wash out the plastic bottle and little sample container!

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray

As an influenster, I enjoy trying out new products via a new VoxBox. Earlier this year, I bought a influenster’s best of beauty Box and recieved several products to try out at a lower price than buying them. A lot of the products I have from that box, several months later, are still being tested out and worked through.
Naturally, my hair is already wavy enought and thick. A staple I old myself proud to is that I have not had my hair colored or cut in at least five years. I stopped going to save money, time, and to be more natural with my hair.
In August, I did use the dry texturizing spray for the days I went to the museum, church, meetings, and on my first day of class. The small spray can I had was enough for that whole month and the textuirziing spray helped me feel and look a little brighter and poofed (is that a word?) my hair for a more volumized look. I didn’t truly need it but it was a nice change.

Lush Cosmetics Eyes Right Mascara

I love me some Lush Cosmetics. I typically stock up once a year and honestly, I am due for a new shopping trip in October or November.
In 2017, I was proud to be using two products that a few months after my purchase, were repackaged and remade to be more effective: Emotional Brillance Translucent Face Powder Eyes Right Mascara. I haven’t tried out the new translucent powder or the new eyes right mascara but I’m hoping to give them a try next year.
I say next year, because I have three other mascaras ready to be used up.
It took me from April 2017-August 2019 to use the original eyes right mascara. And while the packaging stated that the mascara had expired last year, I still used it anyways. Who wants to throw away a $25 mascara? I swear it was $30, but the new casing is $15.
So what about recycling it? OKC doesn’t accept glass so for now, it’s chilling in my bathroom pantry until I’m ready to rinse it out and see what I can recycle it with in another town. The mascara wand is why I haven’t thrown it out yet. I haven’t fact checked this yet, but I read on social media somewhere that you can ship your mascara wands to help save animals. If that’s true (and I need to look more into it) I will be saving the wand and stock piling all my used wands to ship them out so they aren’t just thrown away in the trash.

Unknown Face Primer

In July, I got to go to the mall with my mother and sister in the Dallas area. During that tirp, I bought a new tarte foundation , two Ana Beverly Hills eyebrow pencils, and picked up three samples of face primers all at Sephora.
When we picked out the three samples, me nor the saleswomen got to write down the names of the face primers. I know that the last primer sample that remains to be used is from It Cosmetics. I also sampled one from Smashbox as well but its the third one (the one I used up in August) that I can’t recall the name too.
Nonetheless, it was a wonderful face primer. It’s lime green so I’ll have that to work with.

Sephora Micellar Cleansing Water

Finally, another product I was able to wash out and recycle. Sephora Collections are always a nice treat to stay in your budget and price range so back in February, I ordered two of these with my large online order. I believe I have two other non-Sephora cleansing water products and while I did enjoy this budget-friendly cleaner, I am starting to become more minimalism and enviornmentally friendly by opting out on buying cleaning water in plastic bottles. Eventually, I will have a DIY make-up remover.
I’m now working on the second bottle from Sephora and it should last me till the end of the year.

I’m also looking into writing a blog about some eco-friendly swaps I’ve made in regards to beauty products, bathroom products, etc. in the future. I’d love to know if any of my readers would be interested in this topic! You can always comment, tag me on social media, or message me if there’s any subjects you would love for me to write and share my advice about.

I wish you the best as we spring forward to fall! ❤

Every month, I write various series of blogs that allow me to check-in with you and thousands of other readers on the inner workings of my world, what I’m reading, and what beauty products I’ve used over the past month. I also produce other blog related content such as photography fridays, writing, literature, mental health, and more. You can always follow me here on my little corner of the internet (, Sullivan’s Writings) or on any avaiable social media platforms, DanielleSully19.

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