A Foggy Day (in London Town)

If anyone knows me, they’ll know I enjoy listening to Jazz music. As a trombonist, I’ve been given the gift of performing with jazz bands and got to see Michael Buble in concert in 2013. One of my favorite jazz standards is A Foggy Day (in London Town).
And the first thought that ever crosses my mind are the lyrics to this jazz standard. I’ll link the song via YouTube so you can listen to it throughout your day or when you view the two photos that I took on an early Monday morning.

A Foggy Day in London Town
I love nature. A lot.

I took these photos outside my aparmtnet complex. I live near open fields and I will miss this country-esk view when I move from the capitol of Oklahoma to Norman.

Fog rolls in and stays a while.

This photography share was meant to be for every Friday and I’ve fallen a bit behind and that’s why it’s being shared today.
I’ll be back again later this week for another blog post. Until then, I send you all positive and motivational rest of your week! ❤

DanielleSully19 (twitter handle)

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