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Happy Monday! This post was meant for way earlier this month but in a way, I’m glad this post was delayed because some podcasts have been added while some are being put aside for the moment. If you didn’t already know and are new to my blog here at Sullivan’s Writings, I commute to and from work and school six days a week. That’s 12+ hours in the car every week for the next three months. In the mornings, I enjoy listening to podcasts to help start my day and it’s usually the late night drives I prefer to switch over to my music library or the radio to relax. On the not-so-fun days, I’ll just drive in silence, to give my brain a break.

I’m subscribed to a slew of podcasts covering various platforms and if there’s any podcasts from the list below you might be interested I highly suggest checking all of these out!
Âll Podcast’s shared will be linked via the button option, and I hope you check at least one of these podcasts out!

The button above is the last time I wrote about learnable content I enjoy, in the spring of 2018. Most of the YouTube content I watch has stayed the same but I may end up sharing another post revamping what I watch on YouTube.
Let’s dive into those podcasts!



I have several podcasts in this genre becuase there are those evenings where I just want something amusing to listen to. For the past three years, I have listened to the New Age Insiders live on Wednesday nights, a few days later, or I’d stack up three episodes and binge listening to Bill, Jason, and Liam talk about everything from the wrestling business to movies, pop culture, and more. Last week they recorded their last live program for a while as they announced last week that they are going on a little hiatus after being consistently recording live every Wednesday night for 5+ years.

And in a backwards way, I was led to NAI show via DDT Wrestling. Interesting enough, in 2016 a lot of the NAI network content was all streamlined from the same iTunes Podcast channel and the first episode on the NAI network was from DC Matthews and Doc Manson with their podcast. The best part about this friendship duos podcast, is a segment for emails from the listeners. I started emailing in 2016 and for the most part, I’ve sent weekly or biweekly emails that have been read on the air and answered.
While wrestling is a part of their original podcasting discussions, they’ve know become a comedy relief and lifestyle podcast for me to enjoy.

Continuing on that train of thought, That Movie Show with Mike Wendt and Liam Stryker is a wonderful way to hear two friends discuss movies! They even have a Saturday morning show in the New England area! For example, these guys have spent time reviewing Lion King, Spider-Man 2, Men In Black, and more! I haven’t watched a lot of movies until a few years ago and I always enjoy listening to them discuss the film and then going to watch the film.

A new addition to my podcast feed is here just in time for Halloween! Sounds Scary with Doc Manson and GQ on Draft is also recorded by two friends as they discuss horror films, trivia, toys, and more! A few of the season one films they’ve discussed I have watched and some need a refresher in October!

NAI, Sounds Scary, Life.Church, & Spanish


I’m currently taking beginner Spanish and this Podcast was recommended by my Professor and I enjoy learning more about Spanish while on my way to class! Notes in Spanish has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced Podcast feed and has actually been available on the Podcast feed for over 10 years!

Back in May, I got to do a interview with Martha and Grant on A Way with Words. This NPR program allows listeners to call in or email their questions about language, as well as hearing the quiz master John throw out wonderful language quizzes that starts my brain during the day! When people ask me how to learn phrases, words, and idoms in English I love sharing this Podcast for their education. Fans of languages will adore this Podcast!

A Way with Words, Chasing Creative, Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, DDT Wresetling


For animal lovers, this Podcast is for you! The Zookeeper’s Voice is a wonderful podcast for learning about various organizations that are helping with conservation, animal welfare, and more! It’s an awesome way to learn more about how we can help the enivornment, animals, and the business that is zoology! I’ve always wanted to work with animals on any scale and for a year, I worked and volunteered at animal shelters in Texas and Oklahoma.

As a regular Life.Church attenndee for almost over a year, Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast provides practical apporaches to improving your career leadership for yourself, your teams, and others! As a teacher and a student, a lot of these practices I am able to apply to my personal life to help my strive for the highest!
And speaking of Life.Church, check out the Life,Church sermons on your Podcast feed to listen to wonderfully spoken sermon’s that encourage us all to apporach our spiritual side!

Finally, this one falls into a spiritual/educaitonal category, but I have a fondness for astrology! What’s Your Sign? is three wonderful ladies (Julia, Stevie, & Lisa) discussing astrology from LA. I’ve been listening to them for a year and that has honestly helped me learn more about my own chart, spirituality with God/the Universe, and how to relate to others!

That Movie Show, The Zookeeper’s Voice, What’s Your Sign?, Write Or Die


For all my writing & creativity comrades, the next two podcasts help motivate me to being more creative. Write or Die is a podcast that goes into detail about the real things that happen in publishing, the writer’s life, and more! The just relaunched season two and because of them, I got to write this post today!

Finally, Chasing Creative features interviews and talks about being creative amidst full-time work, being mothers, and how to take simple steps towards our creative life. Ashley and Abbigail are relatable and charming to listen on those days where you need new book recommendaitons, new ideas on becoming more inveseted in our own inner creativity, and the list goes on! These ladies are on season six and you can easily start the backlogs and stil learn something new at the end of each episode.

Three years ago, I attempted to start my own podcast. I ended up taking it down because I was struggling without a working computer, recording logistics, etc. I’ve actually considered starting my own podcast and maybe one day I will. For now, I enjoy blogging here and sharing my own thoughts with the world!
Thank you for reading through all eleven suggestions and I hope you at least check out one of these podcasts for your commutes, walks, or to just listen to it while you are doing housework! ❤
Always remember that sharing is caring!

What are your favorite Podcasts? I’d love to add them to my regular commutes! Until Wednesday, have a blessed week!
Danielle Sullivan

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