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TBR 09.2019

Welcome back ,everyone! I’m playnig catch up on all my projecs in school, personal life and still having to set out time to go visit with my Doctor’s. Today’s topic is a delayed post about waht books I’m reading this month. The To Be Read series is a monthly series that typically follows the Taking Inventory lifestyle blogging series I do at the beginning of each month.

Let’s begin!

We are almost half way through September and I’m still on the same book I was on before I returned to school in August. Mahamti Gandhi: An Interpretation by E. Stanley Jones has thus far proved to be an enlightening book from my personal shelf that I inherited from my Grandmother, before she moved to Austrailia. The book is 160 pages and the copy I have has begun to ade and the print is difficult to read. I do enjoy the challenge though and with balancing school, work, personal life, and commuting I haven’t been able to read as much as I dream to read (or write, for that matter).
My goal is to finish the last 60 pages this week so I can begin the second book for this month.

Update: I did finish the Gandhi book this weekend. I’m holding on to it until I move and I will then give it to my Mom for her library shelf.

On the last Fridays of September and October, the Center for LIterary Studies at the University of Oklahoma will be freaturing a book discussion twice a semester. Another new program occurs every first Friday of the month as the CLS also hosts an opening reading-working group event for staff and students to enjoy beautiful literature together.

In two weeks, the first meeting for the reading group will discuss the late Toni Morrison’s Beloved. I’ve had this book on my to read list for more than three years and I”m quite excited to begin reading my newly provided copy and enjoy literature this month.

I’m not taking any English courses this semester due to scheduling and finanical conflicts and these literature event opportunites with the CLS and the English Department has allowed me to continue working with my major and hone in on learning new skills, even though I couldn’t take any classes specifically for my major this fall.

And audiobook wise, I’ve mainly been listening to a slew of podcasts while I wait for Good Omens and The Martian to be checked out from my library. One of the things on my to do list is to create a poll for the Potterhead Running Club Book Club PHRC Book Club) on the closed Facebook group and decide what book should be for October. I didn’t get to start one for September so I think that could be our break month and catch up month on reading.

What are you currently reading? I’d love to read your book suggestions below and I will you see you all on the next post here at Sullivan’s Writings.

Danielle S.

1 thought on “TBR 09.2019”

  1. You sound much younger than I am if you are still in college, I I truly enjoyed the audiobook The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Strangely, I had read the second book of the two book series first. It made me wonder if I would actually like it, knowing what was to happen in part. But the writing was thoroughly enjoyable just to listen to while doing a massive jigsaw. (Fun fact: it was much easier to finish the audiobook than the 2000 piece puzzle. Given a choice always go with recorded book over exacting 2000 piece puzzles!)


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