Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


Yep, we are officially half-way through 2019! Below is this month’s taking inventory series about the little lifestyle things going on in my world. Content will still be up this weekend during 4th of July celebrations! Check back tomorrow to read up on my TBR list of the summer!

Word of the month: Meditate. I haven’t worked on meditation for most of the year and have recently begun (aka with July’s new moon & month) to pick it back up again. I’m keeping it simple with just five minutes a day. Today’s meditation will be later in the day when I make it home from work and before I pack for weekend trip to Texas. Meditate as a word to me also correlates with taking the time to sit in silence and work through inner thoughts and feelings, before jumping to any conclusions or decisions.

Eating & Drinking: Part of me feels like its not summer yet, but it is. We’ve had a delayed summer heat start to summer here in Oklahoma, but that hasn’t stopped me from reminding everyone to drink plenty of water & Gatorade. Kind of excited to drink Mimosas’ with family this weekend for said Texas trip. I’ve also been working through my little stash of wine and other alcoholic drinks since I”m not worrying about academic things till August.

Watching: Nothing major planned to watch this month, though the option to go see the live action Lion King movie is a possibility. I did go to the movies last month for work and saw Toy Story 4 (mixed feelings about the movie, but I missed large portions of it as I was either at the snack line or on bathroom duty). I’m still working through Total Divas on Hulu and just started season 6 or 7 (2017).
Today, July 2nd, 2019, there’s a Total Solar Eclipse going over parts of Chile in three hours. I’m kind of excited to play the livestream at where I work!

Listening: Still working my way through the audiobook for June with the Potterhead Running Club Book Club, and when I wrap up the last 7 hours of Magyk Bites by Angie Sage, I will get to listen to The Martian by Andy Weir! I have not seen the movie or read the book, and I’m super exited to finally knock another book off my TBR list!

You can join our PHRC Book Club by finding us on our Facebook group page! PHRC Book Club

By the way, my favorite make-up brush still is eco tools from Target! I deep cleaned my brushes this weekend and they look brand new now!

Writing: I hardly had any time in June to write anything besides blog posts. The goal is to return to writing 200 words per day and some blog content before returning to school in the fall. This month’s mini series is about mental health as I prepare for fall’s seasonal “stuff” to begin in September. I will be starting Camp NanoWriMo this week as well! 😀

Waiting for: In the middle of June, my 2016 Chromebook charger broke. Best Buy no longer4 carries the charger and if I wanted a new charger ,I would have to special order it with Lenovo. I’ve been making these posts with my iPad and have lost a lot of features i use for my blog without a properly working computer. My 2012 MacBook Air barely functions and the Chromebook is fully charged and off.
When August comes around, I plan on buying a new MacBook Air or Pro (refurbished is still new to me) as well as possibly investing in an Apple Watch in September. I’ve got lots of tech upgrades to start saving up for to help with the last years of university and for other hobbies I have, just like this blog.

Enjoying: My summer Christian childcare job! It’s a fantastic job that has helped me learn what works best as a teacher as well as working with others who have emotional and or mental facilities that can make it difficult to work with their fellow students. I also enjoy that I still have weekends off, its a blessing for me!

Feeling: A little lost at the moment. I’m working through some emotional things and didn’t know I’ve been feeling depressed about stuff until I stated re-working through the Artists Way workbook. The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron is a wonderful tool to work through childhood trauma, as well as working through creativity blockages and finding your passion.

Loving: At work, we like to talk about our blessings. A couple of years ago, I wasn’t living my best life by my actions and thoughts. At times, I feel like I’ve hit some new lows but then I realize that I am still better and happier now than I was in 2015-2017. Small steps forward makes a progressive change!

In June, I bought a lot of new things to update my wardrobe and apartment. You can check out my Stitch Fix review below. This is from what I bought at Boot Barn a couple of weeks ago!

June’s Stitch Fix Box

June’s Beauty Products

E.L.F. Camo Concealer VoxBox (PRODUCT REVIEW)

Thank you for checking in on this post and I’ll see you guys for the next post!

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