Texas: Part One

What a month July has already been! Last week, I got to spend five days in Texas and I never got to upload last Friday’s photography post. Tonight, I’m uploading Part one of my favorite photo from Texas and tomorrow will follow up with Part Two!

I’ve lived in Oklahoma CIty since 2016 and I love visiting my home (and rival) state at least two times a year. I grew up in Huntsville, Texas and first began college in 2012 at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I was a Texas resident for the first 20 years of my life, until the fall of 2013. From 2013-2015, I resided in OKC/Norman area here in Oklahoma City and then spent one year at home working on fixing my mental and physical health. Since September 2016, I’ve been stationary here in the city and on my own since November 2017.

All that backstory is key in this photo below. I love taking city photos and have taken a similar photo of the side view of OKC. I’ll share that link to the photography post I made from earlier this year (if you would enjoy looking at comparisons).

I took this photo on Wednesday, July 3rd after I got turned around going to visit family. Enjoy the photo and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

The sunset was gorgeous after spending four hours driving to get to this view. The city picture I wanted to take was at a spot I couldn’t get to but I still snagged a photo while I waited for a light to turn red so I could turn left and get back on the highway.

Here’s a similar (and better, might I add) side city view of Oklahoma City from earlier this year!

In the City

A junior at the University of Oklahoma, Danielle’s free time is spent reading, practicing novel writing, blog content for this little corner of the internet, and being a cat Mom. Blog posts are always intended for MWF’s ranging from photography showcases, mini series and monthly check-ins.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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