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June’s Stitch Fix Box

Back in December 2018, I gave Stitch Fix a try and I returned every item. Then, I went and thew a tiny fit because my $25 referral code was used to cover part of the styling fee.

In June, I had totally forgotten that my next box was scheduled. I had delayed March’s box because funding was low and I wasn’t ready for my next box. I had completely missed the email reminding me about my box and when it arrived, I couldn’t open it until a week later, due to working hours and USPS things.

And when I opened my box, my cat immediately sat on top of the wrapping paper. Jupiter really wanted me to invest in new clothes, I suppose.

And let me tell you- this box was fantastic! This blog review does feature a referral link to Stitch Fix. I do not make any money except the referral code will earn both the new user and I $25. Who doesn’t love free money/discounts?

I mention all this not so fun Stitch Fix workings before sharing my photos because it helps with this free review. You can check out the original review from December’s box at the end of this post to see the difference between the clothing options I had!

So after throwing a tiny fit about the miscommunication about the referral code, Stitch Fix promised me a free styling on my next box. June’s my birthday month and I knew that by the time June rolled around, I’d want some new clothes. I did end up buying everything from the box and saved an additional 25% off because I bought every item that was sent to me. Did I mention shipping was FREE?

The box was mailed out a week before my birthday and I didn’t get to pick it up until Saturday June 22nd. Customer service answered another question I had via email. Does the three-day return policy begin when it’s arrived at USPS or when you pick it up? Imagine being charged for the clothes before you could even try anything on! Thankfully that is not their policy and I was able to pick-up my box without worrying about missing the 3-day deadline.

Video: Nice little half-turns to show off this adorable outfit!

41 Hawthorn Jaslinda Twist Neckline Knit Top & Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Knit Shorts

According to my stylist Meghan, she paired the Neckline Knit Top with the Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Knit Shorts. I have a video for that to upload when I get the chance, but I do agree with my stylist that the set is a perfect girls night out-outfit! I’ve been able to pair the shorts with other pieces that I have, as well as the magenta top.

Papermoon Trucker Split Neck Knit Top

A bit see through for my taste, this nicely polka doted shirt works well for the career I am in, as well as going to career fairs and college classes. Just this past weekend I bought white undershirts for this shirt and others, so that I am not worrying about people seeing through my clothes! I haven’t ever had clothes that I have to have an undershirt with so the undershirt was a must-have.

Market & Spruce Button Sleeve Top & Jove Knit Maxi Skirt (ABOVE)

I do recall enjoying the Market & Spruce brand from the previous Stitch Fix box and even my stylist made comments about how I liked the brand, which is very honest and true. I usually don’t go for the skirt design that was on this maxi skirt, but I realized how many dress-up options I had with this skirt and couldn’t pass it up! I have lots of blue shirts to pair with the skirt. I also enjoyed the lightweight feel of the skirt as the summer days are approaching Oklahoma.

After considering the deals I had with this box ($5 leftover form the referral code + free styling + 25% discount) I couldn’t pass up the deal to purchase all five items! My next Stitch Fix is not until September and I have lists of specific items I’d like and colors I’ll be avoiding. I hardly ever go clothes shopping anymore and I have found myself a subscription box I could invest in four times a year for quality clothing.

Speaking of deals, I use Acorns, Ebates (now known as Rakuten) to give me cash back on my Stitch Fix order. My bank also has a deal as well, so I at least earned $25 back from my first Stitch Fix box purchase!

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? This link will take you right to Stitch Fix’s website to create an account and get styled today! STITCH FIX REFERRAL LINK

Here’s the original review to the Winter Stitch Fix box!

Thanks for checking out today’s review and look at the links below for previous product reviewed posts!

Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blogs and content I share online! I hope you have a fantastic extended weekend!



This photo is from the outfit I made for Wednesday last week: stitch fix top + Cheyenne jeans form Boot Barn + new boots (also from Boot Barn) = F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

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