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June’s Beauty Products

Happy Sunday! Today’s been a nice relaxing day at home, as I slowly progress through my to-do list before a three-day work week and a stay cation to Texas . While I love reading, writing, and various other subjects I”be grown to enjoy writing lifestyle blogs, thanks to my fun gig with Influenster. I’ve been able to try out new products this year. This month, I used the last of some of the products I’ve had from Influenster or from my shopping trips to Sephora.
So here’s a mini list of the products I’ve used this month, including a few Amazon links. Let’s begin! ❤


I had gotten a sample of this with Influenster and it was decent? Most of it had leaked out so I didn’t get to use all of it, which was a bit disappointing. I will buy this near the end of the summer, if not next summer for sure.


I bought this shampoo a year or two ago and since I don’t always shampoo my hair, it took me a while to work through. I had to work through my other stash of shampoo (that wasn’t as eco friendly) before I got to wrap this little bottle of shampoo up. A fantastic brand and shampoo for summer days! LUSH has moved to becoming more solid bar and less plastic waste and I hope to return to LUSH at the end of the year when the 2 dry shampoo sprays run out and the 2 conditioners I have are done.


Galentine’s Day VoxBox from February, thanks to influenster

This was a fun one to try since February’s Galantine’s Day VoxBox with Influenster. The first product I used up this month was the Eva glitter spray that works for both hair and body. What a wonderful vegan option I used for my birthday6 party this month! It was a nice sample spray size that I used at least once a month; except I used it weekly during the month of June. YES I will buy this one myself for NYE!

psst… Eva NYC is vegan!


One of the first products I bought at Sephora ages ago finally ran out. I was hoping that you could just purchase the twisted top of the brow pencil (to reduce waste and save money) and unfortunately, you have to buy a whole new individual twisted-retractable pencil. It’s worth the price if you use it daily. I am considering switching brands for a more eco-friendly option or to look into a brow pencil I can sharpen. It’s been a while since I’ve had a colored pencil-like brow pencil so that will take some time getting used to.


I got this as a sample during my latest Sephora haul in February. I’ve begun to prefer liquid foundations over powdered, since I feel like I’m using less and wasting less. I had heard lots of fantastic reviews for Rihanna’s make-up line (especially the foundation) and I seriously might purchase one at the end of the year. My personal favorite foundation is Tarte’s sea collection liquid foundation and Fenty’s comes in at a close second (sometimes even in 1st place). Choosing a winner is hard!


I bought this on clearance in February and it was bit of a disappointment for what I was hoping for. It did the job but didn’t match too well with my red checks. E.L.F. Cosmetics sent me a concealer to try during Memorial Day weekend that was better than Sephora’s Collection Concealer. Did I mention that elf is vegan & cheaper? Checkout the review below!


This past month, I’ve been wearing make-up five days a week, a few days more than usual. The elf review can be found at the button below, but. I will say that the sand concealer color matched well with my skin tone. I still have peach to work through, but I’ve switched to my favorite combination of the color fix stick & it cosmetics foundation.

What beauty products have you used up this month? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the next blog post!


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