Life, Taking Inventory Series


It's the season of my favorite things: spring gardening, baseball, & WrestleMania!


Wrestling & Me

Happy Friday! Today's article is something I usually don't write about here. I have a separate Twitter account for this discussion, because I understand that not everyone likes sports. I have geared most of my writings towards the literature and lifestyle portion of blogging, and you can always follow me here on WordPress, email, or… Continue reading Wrestling & Me


Thanks and Giving

An unbelievably witty and charming lists and ideas on why I am still thankful after Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe not. I am currently behind on my National Novel Writing Month word count by twenty-six thousand plus words. Today is the 27th, so if I write at least 7,000 words a day, I'll finish above the 50-K… Continue reading Thanks and Giving

Life, WWE

Life Update!

Hey guys! I finally got around to Blogging again today! The weather here in Oklahoma and Texas has been on national news, with a lot of flooding and access rain. But I've got another Vlog video recapping my views on the WWE Elimination Chamber! So what I'm hoping to do is to Blog about one… Continue reading Life Update!


Summer is here!!

SO with the end of the Spring semester this past week, and with Summer school already in session, I am back into the writing world! 😀 I have come back to the world of Vlogging! I'm trying to be more interactive online via YouTube, and all my social media websites! My goal is to do… Continue reading Summer is here!!