Summer is here!!

SO with the end of the Spring semester this past week, and with Summer school already in session, I am back into the writing world! πŸ˜€

I have come back to the world of Vlogging! I’m trying to be more interactive online via YouTube, and all my social media websites! My goal is to do one video a week, and probably one or two different types of Blogs on here, as well as working on some projects with School, Work, etc.

Nonetheless, here is my YouTube Vlog video and if you want, you can always subscribe to my YouTube Channel! πŸ˜€

Currently multi-tasking and watching the WWE Paypack PPV on the WWE Network! Right now, we are in the middle of the main event promo, Ambrose v. Orton v. Rollins v. Reigns.

Personal pick? I wish this was a Fatal Four Way Elimination match (preparing for the Elimination Chambers PPV on May 31st) and I would like to see Dean Ambrose win. Buttt, theres like a 25% chance of that outcome.

-Danielle Sullivan

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