Wrestling & Me

Happy Friday! Today's article is something I usually don't write about here. I have a separate Twitter account for this discussion, because I understand that not everyone likes sports. I have geared most of my writings towards the literature and lifestyle portion of blogging, and you can always follow me here on WordPress, email, or… Continue reading Wrestling & Me

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Officially Official!

While I actually accomplished this two weeks ago, I am still head over heels over me accomplishing my dreams.  Back in 2014, I started this blog as a way to reach out to audiences about mental health, and just to expand my horizon on writing. Then, in 2015  I participated in National Novel Writing Month,… Continue reading Officially Official!

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You don’t deserve to be my Dad, or my siblings.

My biological father isn't what a father should be; nor was his father. If you have a Grandfather,Dad, Step-Dad, Adopted Dad, or even a male guardian figure who is supportive, lets you be yourself, and many other positive things please tell them thank you. I also started tearing up when I was writing this, and for years… Continue reading You don’t deserve to be my Dad, or my siblings.


WrestleMania 32 weekend recap.

Ever since I became a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) back in late 2007, I learned about the magic that is WrestleMania. 103 months later, I got to attend my first WrestleMania.   How I got to WrestleMania: Once i knew that WM32 was going to be in my home state back in 2015,… Continue reading WrestleMania 32 weekend recap.

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End of March

We are approaching the end of March, and life has been pretty. Pretty is a nice word, actually. I started my gardening at my Grandfathers house, which is also where I reside too. Because i have medical appointments approaching in April, I moved from Oklahoma City back in January because of Doctor recommendations, costs, etc.… Continue reading End of March

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ABCs of 2016

We are now two months into the year, and I have started to get some of my New Years Resolutions started. January was a hectic month for me. I went to two tests at a Hospital in Oklahoma City, and was told not to move much for the next few weeks. My family and I… Continue reading ABCs of 2016

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Life Update!

Hey guys! I finally got around to Blogging again today! The weather here in Oklahoma and Texas has been on national news, with a lot of flooding and access rain. But I've got another Vlog video recapping my views on the WWE Elimination Chamber! So what I'm hoping to do is to Blog about one… Continue reading Life Update!