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September is here which means autumn leaves, pumpkin spice and College football. One of my favorite bloggers, Keria Lenox, does a monthly taking stock of what's going on in her life and posts it as a blog article. Please give her a follow- she writes fantastic articles about life, fashion and beauty! I am crediting… Continue reading 09.2017

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I’m depressed and I’m doing just fine.

Two months ago, I was going to write on this very subject, but all I could write was the headline. I took the header photo back in December while walking through the gardens that's downtown. I don't know whats worse: depression or anxiety. Both are intertwined. One can offset the other in a moments notice.… Continue reading I’m depressed and I’m doing just fine.

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End of March

We are approaching the end of March, and life has been pretty. Pretty is a nice word, actually. I started my gardening at my Grandfathers house, which is also where I reside too. Because i have medical appointments approaching in April, I moved from Oklahoma City back in January because of Doctor recommendations, costs, etc.… Continue reading End of March