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September is here which means autumn leaves, pumpkin spice and College football. One of my favorite bloggers, Keria Lenox, does a monthly taking stock of what’s going on in her life and posts it as a blog article. Please give her a follow- she writes fantastic articles about life, fashion and beauty!
I am crediting Keria with this idea (I don’t like it when artists aren’t credited).
Here’s what’s going on for me, in September.

Making: I have a homemade bread machine and every couple of weeks, I am always having to make fresh bread. It takes about three to four hours to make, but its worth it. It’s also cheaper and tastier than traditional bread found at the grocery store. Did I also mention the smell of bread baking going through your house? yum.

Drinking: Anything to keep me hydrated. I have been switching over to the powdered Gatorade mix. You take two tablespoons per thirty-two ounces of water, and then shake well. I usually put the Gatorade back in to the fridge, so it can be cold so when I go to the gym. I decided to switch to the powdered Gatorade, because I was tired of all the plastic I was using with single use or even larger sized Gatorade bottles. Water is also my best friend for life.

Watching: A couple of years ago, I had started watching The West Wing, but I had never finished it. I am about two seasons farther along than where I was and I am about to embark on season 5. I also plan on watching Hook next week, after watching the 2003 Peter Pan film last week.

Reading: November begins National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I decided to check out No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty from the public library. I had checked this out a couple of years ago before I had began my first NaNo year. I’m about to embark on my third year and I decided to re-read it for a refresher on how to not get stuck. The other book that I’m reading, is 52 Ways To Live a Kick-Ass Life by Andrea Owen. I had bought this book back in 2015, but I never made it past chapter three. I read an average of one to two chapters a night. It’s now become a personal favorite self-help book of mine.


Charlotte, being as cute as ever!

Loving: My beautiful cat, Charlotte. I took this picture this morning not too long after I woke up. Ironically, it was last September when she walked into my garden. Soon afterwards, I started feeding her and taking care of her. She  mainly stays outdoors but its nice knowing that she’s taken care of.

Book marking: Another favorite beauty blogger of mine, is Lotte. Check out her pick for a good Autumn Lipstick. Most of the lipstick I have left over is from summer colors of light pink and such, so buying a nice autumn color is on my shopping list!

Enjoying: I mentioned it earlier, but College football is back! Being from Texas, College football is a part of the weekend. I go to the University of Oklahoma and so therefore, my team is the Oklahoma Sooners. This Saturday, the OU Sooners will be going to Ohio State University to face the Buckeyes.

Smelling: Summer is fading away, so I am enjoy the last of my bath and body works summer breeze spray. I had stocked up on sprays from Bath and Body works last year, but now I plan on switching over to Lush Cosmetic sprays when I finish what I have.

Listening: Back in August, I had finished reading the Children’s literature classic by JM Barrie, Peter Pan. That’s why I’ve actually been watching lots of Peter Pan movies lately. On Spotify, while I was still reading the book, the song Lost Boy began to play.  I bought the song soon afterwards. Lost Boy is sung by Ruth B. and is a fantastic song that helps me with my anxiety and depression. Check out her music video here! 

Feeling: Over the past few years, I’ve noticed how unbelievably in tune I am with the seasons and with nature and how all this affects my attitude. I love fall weather a lot, but its when we begin changing seasons is when I emotionally struggle. September isn’t always the best month for me.  Right now, I’m feeling waves of positivity mixed in with negative vibes. The fall is the worst season for me, depression and anxiety wise. I do have a better support network now then I did last year. That’s the one thing that’s keeping me together. I’m having to go one day at a time during this month unlike the summer days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this new monthly feature I’ll be doing. Again, go check out Keria Lenox & Lotte’s blog.

Danielle Sullivan

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