What’s In My Gym Bag

Happy Friday! In July, I wrote a fitness article about some progress I had made over the summer pertaining to some of my fitness goals. Today’s blog is about what I physically keep in my gym bag. In October, I will write about some mental attitudes you can carry at the gym to boost your self esteem.
Reusable water bottles is a must item for me in my gym bag. Don’t forget to clean out your gym bag every couple of weeks to wash your gym clothes. Now, let’s begin:

What I Always Have In My Gym 

Sweat/throw Towel 
-For when you don’t want to leave a puddle at the gym to gross your gym going friends out. Don’t forget to wash your towel after every use or every other use. Because sanitation is a good thing.

Knee pad, gloves, etc.
-Any type of fitness protection gear that I use works for me. I only have one knee pad and I don’t use them it all the time because I don’t want to have to use it as a clutch. My knees have strengthen over the years. The only time I ever use the knee pad is for when I’m focusing on knee and leg focused exercises/leg days. The gloves are good for yoga days and even for gripping at the handle bars at the gym.


Solid Running Shoes

-I’ll be getting new running shoes this fall. These shoes will be retired out from the running miles and on to those days where I focus my workouts on weights and yoga. I like Nike branded shoes, personally. When trying on shoes, go for what works for you over what anyone else tells you. I like comfort along with a raised heel. I’ve had these shoes for two years. I’ll miss them, but I can’t wait for the new shoes I’ll get soon. 

Phone Armband
-I didn’t believe that I needed this for running purposes but man has this saved me from my phone falling out of my shorts pockets or athletic shirts pockets. Make sure that you buy one that can fit your phone properly, because mine fits but my phone case is a little too bit for it so it extends the size a bit. I’m glad my phone armband was on clearance and is stretchy!

Phone Charger and Headphones

-Saves my life every time I go to the gym. I make sure that I have a wall port and charging cord in the side portion of my bag so that I don’t lose my mind when my phone dies. No, I won’t lose my mind if it does. I use my phone to log in miles on the treadmill (or out in the park outside) using the Couch to 5K app. This app’s good for 5K training, along with the Charity Miles app.
Headphones are lovely as well. I have a set playlist I have been compiling for outdoor runs. When I go to the gym, I’ve been watching wrestling on my phone; which means headphones needs to be on so that no hears the announcers or entrance music except me. I actually enjoy working out while watching wrestling or other sports rather than Netflix shows because it doesn’t feel as motivating for me.

Feminine and Hygiene Products 

-Typically, I am never in a rush to go from the gym to go to some other event or place after working out at the gym or somewhere else. I usually go straight home and shower. In those rare cases I will have to take a shower at the gym, I always have deodorant (from Lush Cosmetics), fragrant mist, and extra feminine products in my bag. Life happens. You never know when holy cow, whoops! You don’t have an extra pad or tampon because your period decided to start today. Well, damn. I always carry extra feminine products in my purse anyways, so play it safe by having some in your gym bag as well.

I realized this was becoming lengthy, which is why in October I’ll be writing about positive mental health attitudes and fitness. I prefer writing shorter blog articles, because I know it’s difficult to ask readers to read long articles.
Thank you for taking the time to read this wherever you are. You can always follow me on Instagram here!


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