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September is here which means autumn leaves, pumpkin spice and College football. One of my favorite bloggers, Keria Lenox, does a monthly taking stock of what's going on in her life and posts it as a blog article. Please give her a follow- she writes fantastic articles about life, fashion and beauty! I am crediting… Continue reading 09.2017

Am Writing

Kinda like it, kind don’t

In 600 words, I discuss and review Taylor Swift's new song Look What You Made Me Do.


2017 Resolutions Check-In

With only four months left in the year, where do I stand on my original 2017 resolutions I created back in January? Let's do a check-in and evaluate and see where I am.

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I’m depressed and I’m doing just fine.

Two months ago, I was going to write on this very subject, but all I could write was the headline. I took the header photo back in December while walking through the gardens that's downtown. I don't know whats worse: depression or anxiety. Both are intertwined. One can offset the other in a moments notice.… Continue reading I’m depressed and I’m doing just fine.


Why I start my New Year Resolutions in December.

  The end of 2016 is coming near, and so is this month of November. Yes, this word count is going towards NaNoWriMo's 50,000 goal.  When 2017 begins in 35 days and counting, I will have already tested out my resolutions. This idea came to me about two years ago, when I was struggling with… Continue reading Why I start my New Year Resolutions in December.