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End of March

We are approaching the end of March, and life has been pretty.

Pretty is a nice word, actually.

I started my gardening at my Grandfathers house, which is also where I reside too. Because i have medical appointments approaching in April, I moved from Oklahoma City back in January because of Doctor recommendations, costs, etc.

Top photo: My “Oklahoma” rose bush before it started blooming!

Bottom photo: All the plants and worm compost I bought from the Walker County Master Gardeners Sale a couple of weeks ago.


The gardening was a fun process for me, and I actually garden more than most of my family. I began my gardening adventures in Oklahoma City with my Grandmother back in the Spring of 2014, and over the past two years I have learned new tricks that have allowed me to take better care of my plants.

I have also been unemployed since January, and in this small town I have tried applying for all the jobs I can. Unfortunately, it is not hiring season and with this town being a college town (something I use to), I am in a competitive market. I volunteer at Rita B. Huff animal welfare and the Huntsville Public Library when I can, but its been a little difficult for me to get around town because of certain circumstances.

While I try to stay content with everything that is going on in my life, it is easy for me to stay in bed and sleep for hours at a time and only accomplish four or five small tasks in a day. That actually happened today, and yesterday I was able to clean my Mom’s trailer with efficiency. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand for me; I also had a physical anxiety attack last night, which was a new experience for me. Today’s health scare was sleeping for majority of the day, and how sad I have felt all day. Even when I played with my animals and pulled some weeds, I was still sad in the sunshine.

So that physical anxiety attack… I’m probably going to blog about my experience with anxiety in another blog post. I’ve had old and new experiences, and I hope to get some feedback too!


Photo: I kicked off my week to WrestleMania by wearing the one shirt I hardly wear because orange. IMG_0308

In THREE DAYS I get to leave with my Mother and Sister to drive to Dallas, Texas for a perfectly timed vacation to start April. WrestleMania 32 will be live from AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and this will be me and my families first WrestleMania, and we are getting to experience the entire package! We are going to Axxess, Hall of Fame, and WrestleMania 32. I also hope to make it down to the small indie wrestling events and any events going around downtown Dallas.


I wish I could stay for WWE RAW the night after WrestleMania, but I will be leaving Dallas on Monday. My goal is to take as many good pictures and videos with my iPhone as possible so I can have a good blog and blog to be made soon after!


Anyways, I need to go to bed, even though I slept all day. Or maybe  I can do some more job searching again.


~Danielle Sullivan


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