Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


Back in February, I worte out this post on paper while attending the Univeristy of Oklahoma baseball teams home game.

Life, Taking Inventory Series


It's the season of my favorite things: spring gardening, baseball, & WrestleMania!


Wrestling & Me

Happy Friday! Today's article is something I usually don't write about here. I have a separate Twitter account for this discussion, because I understand that not everyone likes sports. I have geared most of my writings towards the literature and lifestyle portion of blogging, and you can always follow me here on WordPress, email, or… Continue reading Wrestling & Me


WrestleMania 32 weekend recap.

Ever since I became a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) back in late 2007, I learned about the magic that is WrestleMania. 103 months later, I got to attend my first WrestleMania.   How I got to WrestleMania: Once i knew that WM32 was going to be in my home state back in 2015,… Continue reading WrestleMania 32 weekend recap.

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End of March

We are approaching the end of March, and life has been pretty. Pretty is a nice word, actually. I started my gardening at my Grandfathers house, which is also where I reside too. Because i have medical appointments approaching in April, I moved from Oklahoma City back in January because of Doctor recommendations, costs, etc.… Continue reading End of March