Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


Good morning! Back in February, I worte out this post on paper while attending the Univeristy of Oklahoma baseball teams home game and thus decided to use the spare time during the game to write. While February ended days ago, here’s what happened in my life during the month of February with this blog’s Taking Inventory Series!
The writing style is slightly mixed between past and present tense. A couple of sections were kept in the present tense, because it’s a bit sad to change it to past tense. As in, to something I was hoping for that has been put on hold.

Selfie from February ❤

Word of the month: Pray.
This month at Life.Church, A four-part series about Dangerous Prayers brought attention to the need for incorporating prayer in my daily life. I’ve slowly begun to take those steps to trust the universe and let my life form as it should be. I experienced lots of anxiety during February and prayer (before and during those moments) brought a sense of ease. I also, in some of those moments, had to work on the mindfulness of the breath and how I’m feeling- so I wouldn’t have to go through as much anxiety during the next phase of the day.

Affirmation of the month: My growth is a continuous process.
I’ve begun to share my affirmations of the month in these posts as well. Affirmations are a positive way to infuse hope and perspective into whatever our life situation is at the present moment. ❤

Habits I’m adjusting: Being okay to say no to plans and places that do not serve me and the systems & goals I want to accomplish in my life.

Eating & Drinking: My food diet hasn’t changed much, with winter in its final stretches during February. We had 2 snowdays during the first week of February and I ate a majority of my soups out of my pantry during that time. I enjoy a good soup- if anyone has any soup recommendations for any spring, or summer soups, comment below so I can read through them and try them out! 😀

For a majoirity of February, especially the last half of the month, I averaged to 2-3 cups of coffee a day and not enough water- like at least 80 ounces instead of the 120 I need every day to stay healthy and hydrated.

Home baseball game I wrote this blog post at, orignally.

Watching: It’s offically WrestleMania season! And do you know what else coincides with WrestleMania season? Baseball season! While OU’s season begun, Boston’s begins in 2 months. Besides catching up on sports, I was watching through my YouTube mix and The Twilight Zone on Hulu. I didn’t watch a lot of TV in February due to my school and work life balancing skills.

April 2020 realization: … sadly no opening day and WrestleMania continues on, with no fans in attendance. Life is truly unique during this time.

Listening: Didn’t listen to an audiobook this month but I’ve got one lined up for March! I’m a little more caught-up on the 13 podcasts I listen to. I’m now on all the podcasts that are as recent as February (except The Bible Binge) and am hoping to begin my audiobook soon!

First OU Baseball game I had ever been to! YAY BASEBALL!!

Writing: I learned a valuable lessons this month- don’t wait till the day an essay is due to write about a 5-page literature essay. I feel as if I haven’t given myself permission to write during February. I hoped (even while being enrolled in a creative writing class) that I would be more proactive with the act of writing instead of trying to scramble to create words for class and myself.. At least I am writing “daily” thanks to the journaling I do for my mental and spiritual health.

Reading: Check out the future 02.2020 TBR post about the books I did and did not read in the month of February!

Waiting for: SPRING BREAK.

Snow day photo’s from the University of Oklahom

Feeling: Overwhelmed by my personal life and the attempted balancing of life itself. My Mom was rushed to the hospital and she had to go through an emergency surgery. Living in Oklahoma, with my family in Texas, created a never-ending source of anixety, delays, and worry about my family’s health. I felt I could never keep up with my personal life and to be a part of the life I have here in Oklahoma. This set me back in my academics and impacted a lot of events I had planned at the end of February, and even going into the beginning of March.
My Mother recovered well and continues to recover. Thank goodness for the power of prayers, positivtiy, gratefulness, and good vibes.

Enjoying: Leap Day was an amusing day at home. I watched Leap Year for the first time and had a good chuckle with this romantic-comedy film. That helped me wrap-up February in high hopes and in a better way than I started the month!

Loving: The lessons that were learned this month about what I can handle and how we are all humans, struggling in this same life together. That we can all achieve anything that we desire, with the help of our world around us (even if it feels as if we are against the world, we are truly not alone).
And hey- winter is over! AMEN!

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. Until next time, may you be healthy everyday!
Danielle Sullivan

psstt– I plan on posting a poll this week to decide what movie I should watch next weekend. 😀

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