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Socially Swimming

This might be the oddest titled photo I’ve ever done.
This photo was taken back in January, only after using my new Cannon camera for at least a week.
This blog covers many areas like creativity, art, photography, and life. This blog also goes into reviews of products and such.

This photo reminds me of how much we need to check-in on our family and friends during difficult times like what we are experiencing right now.
This month is technically over yet it moves us on to the next month.
This time I have at home has been spent staying on top of schoolwork while also catching up on creating content, backing up my digtal spaces, and setting an emergency plan for tornado season (aka it’s technically already here).

Also, follow me on Twitter to help me vote on which movie I should watch next weekend. The poll will go up this weekend!

Sweet Summertime

This is the peak time to enjoy fresh flowers, sunsets, & vibrant colors.

Thank you for stopping by!
Danielle Sullivan

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