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ABCs of 2016

We are now two months into the year, and I have started to get some of my New Years Resolutions started.

January was a hectic month for me. I went to two tests at a Hospital in Oklahoma City, and was told not to move much for the next few weeks. My family and I agreed that it was best that I move back to my hometown of Huntsville, Texas so I can be with family and be watched in case any medical things happen between now and April.

My roommate was really upset, and by the way he reacted that let me know that what I thought was a “friendship” wasn’t truly a friendship. He was upset because he returned from his Winter vacation, and I lost my job when he had returned. I had no income to help pay for the apartment in February, and when I let him know a week in that I have to move, he yelled at me and let his anger problems loose. I did not say anything, because I knew if I said anything, it would only make things worse. I haven’t heard from him since we had to break the apartment contract, and I hope that he is doing fine. 

I realize that I still have a life, and that I can still go towards the goals I wish to set for myself. I made my New Years Resolution at the end of 2015, and I adjusted some of my goals due to my new living situation. Without further to do, here are my New Years Resolutions for 2016!


-To save enough money to pay back on my student loans and debt, and maybe  I can return to the University of Oklahoma in the Fall of 2016!

Debt Reduction

-Putting money into my Emergency Fund and then paying off my $40,000 in debt. Not a good number for a twenty-two year old, I know.

NaNoWriMo 2016

-This year I hope to be able to participate in the 2016 National Novel Writing Month, and to be able to conquer 50,000 words again! Going for a repeat victory! 😀

Oklahoma City Marathon 2016

5K the day before my next Neurologist appointment. Why not, right? This would be my second 5K to date, so I’m trying to get myself back into training mode, but laziness is a terrible factor.

WrestleMania 32

-I am OFFICIALLY going to WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas! Really excited, because this is my first WrestleMania experience, and I also get to go to the WWE Hall Of Fame and to WrestleMania Axxess! YASSSSSSS 

I actually had nine goals for 2016 originally, but most of them fall under the same category. I also plan on reading 16 books in 2016.  I just finished reading “12 Years A Slave” by Solomon Northup, and I am now trying to conquer House of Leaves. 

Photo on 2-8-16 at 8.51 PM     It may not look like it, but I had fun today! Pro tip: taking funny pictures of yourself can help with self-esteem!


Anyways, more blogs to come as everything unravels in my life! Really exhausted, even after taking a nap today. More blogging to come this year- don’t forget to follow, comment, or even add me on WordPress!





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