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2015 year in review

I tend to procrastinate on blogging, but not as bad as I did in 2014. I’ve gotten better at not procrastinating as badly at blogging this year, but maybe in 2016 I can improve on bogging more! Editors note: I can’t get any photos to upload, and I hope to get this fixed. This blog is better with photos.

So this year has taken a complete turn around in what I thought I had planned for this year. I’ll breakdown this year into three’s, because everything happened in a matter of four months within each other. Literally.

January through April 2015

I was attending the University of Oklahoma, and was struggling with studying, but not as bad as I was in the Fall. This was only my second semester at the OU, but not as a college a student. I think I was only taking between 12-15 hours, but I’ve learned that’s the max I can handle in one semester.

I had went undecided in the Fall towards my major, and it was around April that I declared my major. More on that later.

And then after months of debating came the decision that I was going to run for Southwest District office for the position of Co-Member-At-Large for Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity. I went traveling across Oklahoma and Arkansas for Area Workshops, and managed to meet everyone and not panic when putting together my platform.

It was fate that on March 29th, that I was elected at the University of Arkansas as Co-MAL, and was so overwhelmed with joy that I actually was going somewhere within my college life, and I could help college bands even more! I also auditioned for National Intercollegiate Band and to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2015 National Convention in Lexington, Kentucky in July. I knew I was for sure going to NatCon, there was no doubt.

In April, I declared my major! I am getting a double major and a double minor. My majors are English-Writing and German, with a minor in Spanish and International Studies.

May through August 2015

The end of the Spring semester ended, and I started taking a May-Mester course, and passed my last Developmental math class. That gave me the confidence I needed to continue into summer school. I was already behind on graduating on time, but now my focus was on handling summer school and even handling a job. So it was that I had two classes from June to the beginning of July and a part-time job. June was a fantastic month! I was doing well, SWD council meetings were going well, and I was excited about July’s traveling!

I was not selected to participate in NIB or to be Keynote Speaker, and at first I was sad, but then I was just really grateful that I did audition, and that I tried.

I forgot to add in that I was also planning on going to General Assembly for Disciples of Christ in Columbus, Ohio. I was going to be a voting delegate, and a Usher. Once again, more on that later.

It was the ill fated end of June that turned everything around. I had came home from class and took my usual Monday nap. Work was at 5:45, and I could get up by 5:30 and get to work on time. My alarm woke me up, but when I tried to get up, I couldn’t move my legs. My hands were numb, and with my phone nearby, I called my Grandmother and she had to drive to my apartment to take me to the hospital (and to call my job and tell them what was going on).

For the next two weeks, my life was turned upside down. I couldn’t explain what happened. The doctor at the ER said it was an anxiety attack, except that did not look like one to me. I say that because I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression Disorder.

SO what happened with my two summer classes? Failed. That crushed me deep. I currently owe the University the money before I go back to school, and me and my family are on the path to repaying that debt. And I am also in the process of repaying federal loans too. I can retake those classes at OU, and I will (more on that later).

The first half of July became a rough month. I had to move from Norman to OKC, and live with my Grandmother so I could be living with a relative and be close to my Doctors. Then, I had to leave my job. After talking with my Doctor, I had to schedule a MRI to be done before I got to go on my road trip with my family to Columbus, Ohio. Finally, I had to let go of two great things in my life: going to OU in the Fall and the SWD position I had been elected with in March. The hardest part was letting NatCon slip through my fingers, and all I could do was accept life as it was.

The MRI was cool. I got to listen to country music while the pulsing was done around my brain. The results: My brain looks neurologically normal. NO MS! Thank goodness!

So, I traveled. And I had a fantastic time road-tripping (can that be a word?). One week in Columbus, Ohio was not enough. It was a perfect timing to be among those who wanted to make change in the world. That much was true. I left in a much calmer personal spirit than I had entered. We passed some fantastic legislature, and I ALSO got to help out with the yes/no microphones, and with the questions area, so that was awesome. I hope to help out the parliamentarian again.

In August, I started working, and was there until the end of November. It was a fun job but a little stressful drive, and driving was something I was limited on doing.

September through December 2015

This is the part of the year where everything slowed down for me. One of my best friends from Texas was able to visit me here in the City, and that was fantastic. I was getting a little edgy with living with my Grandmother (because this has happened before) and was actually planning on living in a studio apartment by myself. Luck would have it that a co-worker turned into a roommate in October. The lease here is for a year, and then maybe we’ll see where my life takes me.

What about school? Soo…

My insurance no longer covers the Doctor I had been with for two years, so in November I went to a new Doctor at a different clinic. He agreed with me to take the Spring 2016 semester off until more test results are found, and maybe debts are paid, etc.

In November I did something really awesome…. National Novel Writing Month. In the month of November, you write 50,000 words. That’s 1,667 words per day. You can write whatever you want.

So I wrote 50,001 words. And I wasn’t even done with my novel, and once I went across that 50K mark, I stopped on November 29th, and I haven’t touched my novel since. I think when December ends, I’ll go back into writing that last few chapters I had planned out (or better yet, end it where it was). It still needs editing.

That was the best thing that could’ve come across my timeline was NaNoWriMo. I got to meet-ups, twitter fun stuff, etc. I was so pumped I printed out my certificate that I won.

I then got to sign-up for the 2016 OKC 5K Marathon that will be in April AND I will be going to WrestleMania 32 in Arlington, Texas! 😀

In December, I had two Doctor appointments. The first one was a check-up, and it went well. Apparently when I had seen my new Doctor back in November, I had to have an EKG done, but the results were fine. That was comforting.

The second Doctors appointment was my Neurologist appointment that had been set up since September. Nervous as I was, I did not think the Doctor would find anything, since it was a referral. I correct. Once again, no MS! Follow up appointment in April, but the Doctor would like me to do three tests between now and then. Sigh, more tests.

I’ve also spent some time volunteering with the OKC Animal Welfare! I’ve been volunteering since August, and I plan on going tomorrow on my day off. I would go on Christmas Day, but they’ll be closed.

I am now a server at a restaurant that is a much shorter drive from where I live, and though I don’t earn a lot, I am still grateful that I am able to pay the bills and put aside money for tides and offering every Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed this year in review, and  I hope you have a fantastic holiday season.


Happy Holidays,

Danielle Sullivan


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