Am Writing

Will you be writing in November?

Good evening!

After a nice afternoon spent cooking dinner and dessert, I was able to remember about the blog I have been putting off- this one! My life was pretty hectic in the month of September, but now its slowed down and it seems to be a nice simple life for me. If anyone is wondering, my health has improved over the past few months! 😀

The main reason I wrote this blog was to push what I am going to undergo for the first time this year-writing a novel  AND in a MONTH! Wait…what?

November is National Novel Writing Month, and in thirty days at a grand total of 50,000 words (1,667 a day) you are challenging yourself amongst the millions of people around the world to let your creativity run wild and allowing your inner critique to go away. This is something I have been building up for since last year. Why didn’t I do it last year?

That’s because I didn’t see the point in trying to be a writer, when I didn’t feel like I wanted to be one. See, that was me. Not everyone who writes during November are professional novelists! Some are doing this for their creativity and for a hobby! So I encourage you all to look at National Novel Writing Month, and to consider letting your fear of writing go.

My roommate’s home. Time to eat dinner that  I cooked: spaghetti and fudge brownies.


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