Two month later update!

Hey guys!

I am currently multi-tasking by re-watching season one finale of Doctor Who, from 2005! Asa Doctor Who fan, I am preparing for season nine premiering in September! The other day I tried to upload a video to YouTube, but after recording for twenty minutes, I did not feel like editing. I think I am just going to restart recording soon, and try not to talk as long!

I went to the ER at the end of June, and according to the Doctor, I had a panic attack. Well,  I had never had an attack like one that I had that began to control my body, rather than going from my emotions. After that, I had to relocate to Oklahoma City (where I was living exactly a year ago) and I’m still unemployed.

Still. Unemployed.

I’m trying not to get upset about that, but life keeps going.

For example, I am preparing to volunteer with my Oklahoma City Church: First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and with the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare! I am still overcoming my Depression and Anxiety, and life is actually pretty great.

Except for all the debt I’m in, but hey-I know I am not the only one!

I’ve had like eight cups of coffee, and I am wide awake with fifteen minutes till Midnight. I will probably be up for a while, and I might FINALLY get to uploading my YouTube video.

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