Starbucks is my soulmate.

THE sound of my personal favorite drink, White Chocolate Mocha being made while the next customer orders their Venti Chai Tea behind me is very soothing. Add in the additional bonus of Spotify being played in the stores, and I can be found in a tiny corner for hours.




A friend introduced me to Starbucks back in September 2012 before a long road trip to Louisiana. Ironically, it was the Pumpkin Spice Latte before it became THE Pumpkin Spice Latte. Thank you Sydney for that enjoyable weekend and for the introduction to Starbucks my freshman year in College. 🙂

And for the most part, Pumpkin Spice Latte was the only thing I would drink every other Friday when I had money. Actually, I  didn’t go to Starbucks every two days until 2o14. I wasn’t drinking much coffee then, and wasn’t blogging, working, or trying to go to save up money to go to school at the same time. LIFE- am I right?

Then, I transferred to another University in another state; as a gift, I was given a Starbucks gift card. I had heard of people earning “free drinks” and became a part of the Starbucks Member world in December of 2014. I use to get Starbucks drinks at Barnes & Nobles, and when I was a Barnes & Nobles Member, I used my 10% off discount for the drinks at Barnes & Nobles. That was up until I got my Starbucks Rewards Card, and I ended up using that more often.

Both of these photos were taken during my holiday break in 2014

When I was at the University of Oklahoma, I wasn’t using my Starbucks Rewards much. I didn’t need nor want coffee every day, but when I wanted to organize my notes, backpack, or social media, then Starbucks was my to-go to spot on campus.

Magically I started to travel more. And everywhere I went, I stopped at a Starbucks. If I’m in a airport, I go to the coffee shop and feel at home. In New York for a Music Festival? Starbucks, where else? I also love the aesthetic of the Starbucks stores, and I am able to relax and watch the locals, and notice different things about everything.


Left photo: Spring 2015 finals were here, and I was so exhausted. Right photo: I bought myself a Starbucks Christmas ornament for my tiny tree.

Spring of 2015 and the Summer of 2015 was my semester of coffee, and in May of 2015, I became a Gold Card Member! That was really cool, so I got every 12 drinks free! 😀


And since I’ve moved, I’ve gone more to Starbucks, and I’ve down graded from drinking Venti to Grande. I also have purchased reusable cups to save 10 cents on each drink, and to help reduce my fingerprint on the use of plastic! I have gotten better at remembering to bring my reusable cup with me when I know I’m going to Starbucks.

I’m prettyy sure that I am set for Gold membership for the next two years, because I have earned about 15 free drinks. Some drinks or food I have given to friends, family, strangers, or even baristas. Once, I let a guy purchase the New York Times and a Grande Coffee. I did not mind at all really. He was striped for cash, and I understood.

Also, I made this gif to invite my sister out to Starbucks this weekend and she wanted to go to Olive Garden instead. I just wanted an excuse to upload the gift anyways! 😉


I did not realize  I would write this long about Starbucks, but I’m still here tying in my chair. Eventually, I’ll blog about money saving ways to go to Starbucks. I want to get back to Pinterest, which you can follow me here! I have different styles of boards, and everyone in a while Starbucks will appear. Here’s so fun facts and random things about me and Starbucks:

  1. Saved me during National Novel Writing Month
  2. When you don’t have unlimited wifi,  and you need a place to go other than the public library.
  3. Grande is a nice nice, and so is the Tall, or even the Short- or the Mini when it was here for the summer of 2015!
  4. I have gone a month without going to Starbucks. That was when I was at a College campus and in College.

Thanks for reading, and please consider following me on WordPress.


Hope you guys enjoyed my pictures and stories!


Danielle Sullivan


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