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Officially Official!

While I actually accomplished this two weeks ago, I am still head over heels over me accomplishing my dreams. 

Back in 2014, I started this blog as a way to reach out to audiences about mental health, and just to expand my horizon on writing. Then, in 2015  I participated in National Novel Writing Month, and Camp NaNoWriMo. Truly, that’s where my writing took off. 

2016, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to blog more. And mann, did I! In the process, I found other fantastic bloggers, and also expanded my readership!

To kick off 2017, I made my blog an official website, and that’s how I am “Officially Official!”
This blog is coming from my favorite place to accomplish writing: Starbucks. Speaking of, I started a petition to Starbucks for them to recycle more.
Check it out here!

Anyways, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about today. I know that as a blogger, you should stick to certain topics, and only write about what attracts your viewers. Yet, I love to write about different subjects. For example, I blog about:



-Spirituality Series 
This is where I write about anything spiritual that comes to mind. I grew up Christian, but a goal this year is to dive into other denominations (away from the Christian Church).



-Wrestling and Sports

This prompted me to start my second blog address,, (and future podcast site), where I talk about Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc. I love sports! That’s where I decided to move my Sports talk to. This blog is on the free plan, until I get enough money to expand it.




-Gardening and Eco Friendly living
I’ve only been gardening for about three years now, and this is what I am starting to prepare for this season. I have a compost plot, and three garden plots. 



-Cats, Dogs, Cows…

I use to live on a farm. I now live with one cat, named after my favorite WWE athlete, Charlotte.



-Mental Health

-The topic that brought me to blogging, is the one that I still write about from time to time.



-Poetry, short stories, the progress on my future Novels…

I have done a few short excerpts about what I’m writing. This really became prominent during NaNoWriMo 2016. This is one that I plan on bringing back soon! I’m just doing lots of editing right now.

NEW CATEGORY: Book Reviews!

This is one I wanted to do in 2015, but actually wasn’t ready for it. I’ll be doing a book review over a novel and over a self-published book sometime soon. But first, I need to read those last two chapters of that said Novel!
Edit: Would you like to enter a Kindle Fire & Book Fair giveaway? There’s this AWESOME one that ends ten days, from some great authors I follow! I wanted to share this with everyone, so everyone can have an equal chance of winning and to follow these authors!

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Music, College, Life

-THIS WEEKEND I am Marching in my first Activists march. I will be marching in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at a Women’s March, along with millions of sisters around the world.
I am a trombonist, and just last night I picked up my Trombone to begin playing again for the first time in over four months. Not too long ago, I was a Music Education major. I’ll have to write a blog on why I switched my major to English-Writing.

So expect lots of different content from me over the year, and as always- thank you for reading! 

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Spring is coming,


2 thoughts on “Officially Official!”

  1. Well done! I have followed a similar ( ish) path.
    I set up my blog a couple of years ago, mainly as a way of sharing my MH journey & to prevent relapse. Since then my life has expanded beyond belief.
    I run a community writing group, as a social, confidence builder as much as anything , write a monthly column in the local paper, focussing on my views on coping with MH problems as well as completing a novel during NanoWriMo ( not ready to publish yet.)
    Writing has taken over my life & I am about to press ‘send’ to publish a collaboration book for charity to Kindle ( scary!) with a childrens’ book to follow in a few days.
    Go Girl! The world needs more success stories of people who not only survive MH problems but who actually flourish!


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