Thanks and Giving

An unbelievably witty and charming lists and ideas on why I am still thankful after Thanksgiving.

Okay, maybe not. I am currently behind on my National Novel Writing Month word count by twenty-six thousand plus words. Today is the 27th, so if I write at least 7,000 words a day, I’ll finish above the 50-K line. So obviously, this blog is counting. The reason I am behind, is due to procrastination. I had the time, I just did not feel like making myself write every day. I only wanted to write on days that I felt good.

And no, not good about my writing, good as in not dealing with depression and anxiety.

OKAY, let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

So here’s a list of realistic, weird, and honest “thanks” that I feel this year.

Thankful that I/for…

  1. Got to go home for a few days and catch up with my family.
  2. That I also, on this same trip, got to attend a family wedding.
  3. And, on this same weekend, I got to visit friends while I had the time.
  4. Was able to attend WrestleMania 32.
  5. and able to attend the WWE 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony.
  6. That the backspace button exists.
  7. That AJ Styles is our WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  8. That I know I WILL CONQUER this years NaNoWriMo.
  9. That there’s a “thank God it’s over party” where I’m at for NaNoWriMo.
  10.  The ability to jam out to Hamilton, any time, any place, any where.
  11. Have maintained pretty good health during the year of 2016.
  12. That I’m running again.
  13. That nobody can tell me what to do. #Adulting
  14. That I start my new job on December 1st.
  15. That Bedlam is at the University of Oklahoma this year.
  17. That maybe, just maybe, all Hell will not cause the U.S. to go up in flames.
  18. That I have some independent wrestling companies near me I can go see.
  19. That humans are beautiful people.
  20. That humanity is still here, yet hanging on a string.
  21. Michael Bublé’s new album.
  22. The song “I’ll Be Around” on Bublé’s album.
  23. That  I am still writing letters to friends, pen pals, and family.
  24. NOT LIVING IN TEXAS, because it’s too damn hot.
  25. for the people who “actually” are my friends. My list is small.

Speaking of lists…

        26. THE list of Jericho.
        27. My list, quite similar to Jericho’s.
        28. Music.
        29. My now adopted cat, Charlotte. 
        30. I’m living alone and that I have a Washer, thanks to my family.
        31.  My outdoor Garden.
        32. That I can find ways to deal with depression.
        33. That I have found weird solutions to anxiety.
        34. (No matter how much I try) I can’t help but get exited about Sherlock Holmes returning on January 1st.
         35. That my best friend might be able to come up to OKC for Christmas, and come to Oklahoma for the first time.

          36.  for cute actors I could daydream about, but I refuse to.
          37. Benedict Cumberbatch.
          38. Diversity in culture!
          39. I am thankful for the hard times I’ve had in the past, that help me for the future.
          40. Thankful I have a vehicle that works.
          41. Thankful I know how to repair my vehicle, thanks to my Grandpa.

          42. Thankful for NaNoWriMo, of course! 
          43. Grateful that I have learned when I need space from family.
          44. Thankful that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series this year.
           45. Really thankful for Noisil’s website, because it’s helping me focus on getting these words written.
           46. Grateful that I still play my Trombone.
            47. Thankful for Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity. 
            48. Thankful for forgiveness.
             49. Thankful that I am able to spread the joy of creativity and music with others.
             50. Really thankful that I got to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” for $3 back at home. 

See, I could list thousands of materialistic reasons why I am thankful for where I am in life. There’s a lot of personal thanks I did not want to list here, but its on my thankful list, if you will. It’s the little things like fresh air, hearing water dripping in the rain barrels, and small treasures that helps create a more thankful life.

So does giving. Giving weather its time, tides, or gifts to a cause you believe in, helps not just you, but others too. For example, I am a Hogwarts Running Club runner, and I buy the metals to assist with funding whichever Charity is going with that Virtual Race. This also helps me begin my track to the Oklahoma City 5K. I’m thankful for those as well.


And for all these reasons and more, I am thankful. Grateful.

Now, I believe its time to take a three minute break before the NaNoWriMo House Cup.





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