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Wednesday Weekly Bubble Bath’s

Every Wednesday,  I love drawing the hot water to help me relax after a stressful week.

Water is a beautiful part of our world. It’s not until drought season approaches that I truly understand the importance of water. The two small rain barrels outside are about a third full of rainwater, and it’s fun watching  birds and cats come over to drink out of the container. 

I conserve as much water as I can during the week, so that I don’t feel too terribly bad about my weekly bubble bath’s. I use to hate taking bath’s, due to all the chemicals that are produced in seasonal bath products. At the end of October, I finally used up all my chemical infused bath products that I had stocked up on before I began switching over to Eco-friendly living.

Luckily, I discovered Lush beauty products earlier this year, and now I can feel better about treating myself, and not harming the water, animals, and the environment!

This also relates to the soap I have stocked. I am now down to one bar of non-Lush soap that is left to be used, with two soaps that are in each bathroom. I had bought some soaps on sale in July from the convenience store (Yardley brand), and never  thought about Lush. I do have a Lush soap bar and a tin, so that I will not have to stock up like I did earlier this year. 


photo from Buzz Feed. header photo from inhabit.  

Anyways, I prefer buying the small little Lush bath bombs, because I don’t need too many bubbles, and the small vanilla bath bomb is the perfect size. Price is not too bad, especially since I take one bubble bath a week. 

Note: I will be going to Lush today to get some bath bombs, since I’ve been out since the beginning of this month. 

Now, I have gone through Pinterest and even watched YouTube videos on how to make your own Bath bombs, or Eco-friendly bath mixes. I am not the best at making those types of messes. I also love going into Lush, because it makes me feel good for supporting a company that supports Eco-friendly beauty products.

Alright, so WHY do I take a bubble bath every week?

  1. Helps cleanse my body. -After all the work indoors and outdoors, it helps to cleanse the dead skin off my body with a dry brush before the bath, and then soaking in the bubbles for a few minutes.
  2. Those pH levels needing adjusting. -While this pertains more to women, even men have pH levels. Taking a bath helps level the pH levels down in “that” zone.
  3. Peace and quite. -I love to listen to an array of music during my bubble bath’s, or sports podcasts. Either way, it helps me just relax.
  4. Relaxation and de-stressing. – I picked Wednesday’s because it’s the middle of the week, and it’s also before the weekend kicks in. Helps me relax before all the craziness of life begins. Great time to reflect on everything.
  5. Gives my brain a break. -I wrote this blog last week, because I knew the public would benefit from it.
  6. My cat. -This is where my cat leaves me alone, for Charlotte does not like water. Some quite time from my cat is always needed.
  7. Makes me feel sexy. – There are some days where I dislike my body. Seeing cute bubbles slip off my legs help me giggle, and love me for me. 

What are your favorite smells for your bath? Lavender is always a go to, but so is anything Garden fresh!

Thanks for reading, and this is going towards my #NaNoWriMo word count! 


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