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Hello, September!
Welcome back to all my new and returning members! I took the last week of August off from blogging to help me rest and recharge from teh chaotic and busy August I had. Septmeber, luckily, will be smoother compared to everything that was accomplished last month.
I normally would’ve written and posted this yesterday, on Labor Day, but I have a story explaining why it was delayed until today. We kickstart re-launching the blog up again with the Taking Inventory Series, as this is my two year anniversary of doing this monthly blog series!
Tomorrow I will resume my MWF post schedule with a photography showcase on Friday and a TBR (To Be Read) September edition post!

Let’s begin!

Random fact: this is a cute headband I bought to help keep my hair out of the way when I’m putting on make-up or doing some much needed skin care! Super cute, too!

Word of the month: Compassion.
September’s a month I’ve, in the past, been quite hard on myself about mental health things I freak out about. An affirmation I have for this week goes with my word of the month.
I forgive myself and hold myself in a state of compassion.
I rebeled against that affirmation and that internal gut feeling of not needing something you actually do need to tell yourself can be an indicator on how you can have affirmations to help you more deeply.

Eating & Drinking: Fall officially begins September 22nd and while I’m doing my first pantry challenge for the year, I haven’t brought out any fall-seasonal foods or drinks yet. Those, will wait till October.
I have enjoyed trying out veggie options at home, including veggie bacon, burgers, chicken breasts, etc. If you have a veggie slow cooker reciepe recommendation, let me know in the comments below! Looking for new foods to try as we start a new season!

Watching: Doctor Who is leaving Amazon in 2020, to jump ship to HBO Max when it launches. I only have Amazon Prime on a student membership trial and I started with season 4 in August and I’m now to season 8. I’ll get to start with Peter Capaldi later this week.
College football has returned so part of my Saturdays are spent watching various games and cheering on the OU Sooners! OU beat Houston Sunday night 49-31. Boomer!

Listening: I am several audiobooks behind with the Pptterhead Running Club’s voted selections for July and August. I haven’t set the poll for September’s book yet (oops) and I’m still listening to the various podcasts I listen to.
Except over the past week, I have felt too strung everywhere (mentally) and have had to turn off podcasts and listen to my music shuffle playlists or classic music from my local radio station.

Right photo: The desk last year when I was doing all sorts of stuff
Left photo: the broken desk, as off last night.
Writing: This is actually what delayed me from writing this blog post yesterday: Jupiter (my cat) and I managed to break my 7-year old desk at 10 PM last night.
My cat, tore down my curtains to my large living room window with one tug. As I was hanging it back up, I hardly put my toes on the edge of the desk and I snapped the wooden table forward. At the same time of me trying to fix the curtain, my cat also jumped unto the desk just as I was putting my toes on the table. He’s almsot 10 pounds now so that aided in sending me table legs to snap.
Thus, I am without a desk to accompilsh writing, school work, and other tasks on till I can save up for a new one. It’s not the end of the world because I still have my counter top in my kitchen, two TV foldable table tops, a lap desk, and a side table to work with.
Desk is going to wait until I move in December, so I don’t have to lug it up three flights of stairs and then back down when I move.

I did get to call my grandpa today and ask if the spare desk in the guest room could be brought up to Oklahoma, so I wouldn’t have to purchase a desk, and I would be reusing something that’s sitting in “storage.” So thankfully, that should work.

This was what my at-home sleep study looked like Friday night.

Waiting for: Doctor appointments and testing to be done. This was the main reason my schedule was slammed in August, becuase I went to EIGHT appointments in August. They include:
A dentist appointment and teeth cleansing (my teeth are healthy)
An eye exam and two new glasses (perscription is the same but I bought two new glasses anyways: I now own a pair of sunglasses and a pair of glasses for blue light protection)
Two appointments to set up me for future tests that were done in August
An allergy test (that proved that I’m not allergic to anything)
A tilt table test that for the first time, came back negative showing that my blood pressure and heart rate are normal. I’ve taken this test three other tims and have gotten a “positive” by passing out).
An at-home sleep study, to see if I have sleep apnea.

So yeah, many results to wait on and I’ll most likely have at least 3 appointments in September and gratefully, it’s less than the 8 appointments I had last month!

Enjoying: In August, I made a lot of technology upgrades, after Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow ended August 15th. I took the 2016 Lenovo-Chromebook laptop and traded it in for $41. I”m currently waiting on the $30 Apple credit by recycling and trading in my 2012 MacBook Pro (it has a lot of not so fun damages).
With my student refund, I was able to buy a 2017 refurbished MacBook Air and case. After going 3 years without a properly working computer for computer games like The Sims 4 and going a month without a working laptop to just write on was a struggle.
I”m quite enjoying these upgrades and feel at ease now with the technology I have to excel more this fall semester. I also, did get an Apple Watch after my 2016 FitBit broke earlier this year. When I mentioned to my cardiologist the new fitness and heart rate tracker, he was happy to know I had some sort of tracking device in place.

Feeling: Relaxed and more prepared now since September has begun. In the past, I’ve freaked out about September benig here for 30 days and later this month, I’ll post about the Part Two follow up to On the Road to September.

Loving: The return of college football! I watched three games of college football this past weekend. While NFL starts back up next week, it doesn’t hold my attention beca;use they don’t have marching bands and true school spirit with the playes, fans, teams, etc.
Plus, I am interested in seeing how the XFL works out in 2020.

What are you looking forward to this month? I’d love to read about it in the comments below, thank you!

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