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Academic Success: Part Two

Oh happy, weekend!
As I play catch-up on my functional to do list, today’s post is a follow up to last nights introduction post about being a successful student. Today, I focus on some more simplified advice, geared for college students of all ages. And the post that will technically be part three will be about what I personally use to be successful.
TW: Anxiety, depression, mental health, & stress.

I will be taking this last week of August off from blogging, to make time for my mental health as we begin September. Posts will resume on Monday, September 2nd. Thank you for your understanding!

Fall 2018: Setting up for the fall semester!
Step 1: Syllabus

My syllabus for Spanish is a packet. I”ve been reading through it off and on all week to make sure I have the correct due dates and understanding of how my class is structured. During my first class, as we were reviewing the syllabus, I wrote down any notes i had about the class on the backside of the first page of the syllabus. Makes it easy to locate, instead of trying to find that noted page in a notebook or on a loose leaf page.

Step 2: Calendar Check

This one takes me a while, so strap in and watch some TV. Label every test, quiz, class lecture, lab, class project meet-up time, etc. so you aren’t stressing about deadlines later in the semester. Right now, my planner is in my binder but I am planning on transitioning to a paperless planner starting in 2020. Hence why I’ve also begun adjusting my calendars to being more digital- friendly.
Besides scheduling out class work, also schedule out workout sessions, work schedule, doctor appointments, and mental health timeout slots. I love knowing what fun events I have planned out for the semester so I can have something to look forward to!

Step 3: Finances

I sometimes laugh at this one, since i just spent lots of money buying lots of technology and books for school this year with my financial aid. Especially if you are a working college student, start creating a basic budget and track your next 30 days worth of expenses. Where you spend your money will reveal a lot about your spending habits, needs, and tendencies. I always like to make sure I know what major expenses I have to prepare for so I’m not freaked out by an upcoming oil change.
Which is exactly what I’m having done next week.

Step 4: Meal Plan

Not everyone has an on campus meal plan. Personally, I didn’t have the best options when I did have to live on campus and eat from the limited food choices and hours. Now, I grocery shop every 2 weeks and only go out-to-eat at least once every week, or less.
Meal planning and prepping makes a difference in the way we use the food supplies we have, as well saving us time, money, and energy. I enjoy spending half a day from my weekend off from work and commuting to school to make 4 lunches, & 4 dinners for the week.

Step 5: Mental Health Check-Ups

I haven’t started this yet as summer transitions to fall. I will post the part two discussion from this blog post I wrote about seasonal depression next month.
A few ways to create a safe mental health check-up include:
1. Journaling out our emotions & feelings, to process how we truly feel.
2. Counseling
3. Create a safety plan (a list of steps to follow when we are going through depression and anxiety)

Step 6: Social & Entertainment

Setting aside time to hang out with friends who nurture us does wonders for our soul! I’ve started having WDW (Wine Down Wednesday) with friends every two weeks, which is a perfect amount of time to check-in on my friends and have a night to relax. Having the sacred space to air out our thoughts and emoitons, as well as group processing how we are doing helps make all of us stronger, as well as building a honest and realistic friendship.
This fall, I will also be doing biweekly artist dates for myself, so I can let out my stress and health dilemmas unto the canvas, written page, or from behind the camera.

Bonus: These previous blog posts

I’ve been blogging as a hobby since January 2014 and I have mused about various life subjetcs over the years. I love resharing these posts becuase you can always see where my POV has changed or when I still believe in what I do. Below are some blog posts I’ve written on some of the subjects I wrote about above:

Mental Health: Part One
Mental Health: Part Two

Meal Plan
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If you are a college student, I’d love to get to know more about your degree, class standing, and where you are going to school by commenting in the comments below.
Best of luck with your semester! ❤

1 thought on “Academic Success: Part Two”

  1. Hi Danielle, I read your two part blog posts on surviving studies, and hope some of your insightful suggestions can help me get through my Bachelor’s degree with OUA (Griffith this study period).
    I’m currently taking creative writing: forms and structures. Hope you’re doing well, and that this month provides you with the needed mental health benefits you’re after.
    TC Danielle

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