Taking Inventory Series


Happy Monday! I’m going through some personal stuff and I’ve had to take mental health evenings to take breaks from the pressures of life and college. Every month, i blog about the fun events in my life with the taking inventory series. Last week wrapped up the seven part blog environmentalism miniseries and this week, I plan on starting the next miniseries for May.

Photo from one of last week’s outfits. Might start documenting the outfits I put together to add for the monthly lifestyle blogs.

Word of the month: Intention. During a lecture, this word stuck out and drew my attention elsewhere. Intention is a strong word that focuses on what you fare (or what you are not doing) for the betterment of your purposes, situation, career, etc. With the spring semester wrapping up this week, my intention is to finish the semester strong, create, and take time for some needed mental and self-exploration time.

Eating & Drinking: No more bagged teas! I used the last of my bagged teas yesterday. I’ve returned to having ground coffee in my apartment after a three month hiatus. Besides that, I’ve had lots of soups to help with this cold I’ve had for the past two weeks.

Watching: I spent most of this spring semester watching Reba and I wrapped up this 2000s sitcom yesterday. I do plan on going back to watching the Twilight Zone and Star Trek: Next Generation.

Listening: May’s audio book selection from PHRC Book Club (Potterhead Running Club Book Club) hasn’t been picked, I’ve got the Write or Die Podcast on cue!

Smelling: Essential oils from lavender, peppermint, love, etc. I used the last of my Sherlock Holmes candle and can still use the Oxford candle before I’ll need to buy more from Frostbeard Studios!

Oxford candle from Frostbeard Studios. And, a fun look at my TBR pile.

Writing: All my papers are now turned in and my intention for May is to write 200 words per day. This small writing goal helps me maintain a small momentum and to reduce the odds of burnout. Last month, I successfully wrote 36 poems during National Poetry Month. Honestly, that’s the most poems I’ve ever written in a month!

I’ve moved my reading section to the monthly TBR posts that will be up later today.

Waiting for: I am waiting for my younger sisters high school graduation on Memorial Day weekend. I’ll get to take a mini vacation to my hometown of Huntsville, Texas for three days!

Loving: The growth one year can provide. Last year around this time, I was re-admitted to OU after three years out due to mental and physical health problems. Somedays I feel like I’ve take steps back, yet I move forward one day at a time.

Enjoying: Spring’s transitioning to summer and all this rain has helped my garden retain water and grow. I rearranged my garden to allow everything to grow better. I’ve been recovering from a cold, and I finally got to enjoy time out on the patio.

Sick, but recovering. Everyone’s practically stiffing coughs, sneezes, and coping with a sore throat here in the OKC area. Something’s been spreading and no one can afford missing work and school. So besides recovering from being sick, I’m doing okay. A bit stressed but writing helps me navigate those waters.

Check back later today to take a look at the books I plan on reading this month!

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