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Cat Naps

As I recover from this virus, I wanted to quickly share a photo from this morning for part of my photography Friday challenge. I’ll still have posts up a few times this week and I hope you stay connected with me here on WordPress as we kick off the month of May!

This morning, I did not want to get my day started. I have a little balcony where I like to hang my bird feeder and plants (that are currently struggling to sprout). My cat was perched on the window seal making odd cat noises and I discovered that another cat was napping on my porch!
My cat, Jupiter, does not like other cats as it was stated in his adoption papers. This is the first cat that’s made a trek up to the third floor since I’ve adopted my cat. The header photo is one from the calico cat visiting my apartment last year.

So usually sick cats will come to my comfortable balcony. This cat who visited today was shoo’d out by my neighbors but my porch will still be a welcome spot for the cat to nap when he wants to return. This cat didn’t like humans and hissed at me but greatly took the small bits of food and water I gave him.
I also took this photo through the cracks of my door, as I was attempting to mimic a photo I took of my cat through the edges of a window frame.

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