Am Writing, Life, Taking Inventory Series


13th edition of the taking inventory series, where I give a little insight on events going on in my life.

Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


Woah. We only have four months left in the year, can you believe it? If you are new or a consistent follower, welcome to this months Taking Inventory Blog Series. This series is written at the beginning of each new month, providing you an inside look of my life. As always you can follow me… Continue reading 08.2018

Life, Taking Inventory Series


Hello and welcome to my tenth taking inventory series post. July has just begun and to me, summer fun has ended. I'll explain why soon, but for now feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter are fun places to start). Let's go! Word of the month: Transition. July… Continue reading 07.2018

Taking Inventory Series


Did someone say summertime- welcome to the halfway point of 2018! This taking inventory series is an adaptation from Keria Lenox's blog. I have decided to remove one or two things this month, since what I eat or drink never changes. This is now my tenth month to publish these blogs. My writings blogs vary from lifestyle… Continue reading 06.2018

Life, Taking Inventory Series


Welcome in the first official full month of Spring!  If you are new to my blog, then feel free to follow my blog for literature & lifestyle blog topics. Ever since September, I’ve been writing monthly insights on what’s going on in my world. I have been able to write book reviews for the past three… Continue reading 04.2018

Life, Taking Inventory Series


February was a testing month for me, especially the last two days.  March is also the time to start preparing my apartment garden, hence cultivating a new lifestyle.

Taking Inventory Series


I stopped stressing about making friends, and keeping them. My support network is improving.

Life, Taking Inventory Series


" Imagine breaking open the window curtains and the fog disappearing. That's what happens for me, figuratively, when the depression subsides."

Life, Taking Inventory Series


Yes, this December monthly blog is behind by 20 days. In this blog, you'll get to read about my adventures I've had this month, and my reflection on this year. As always, feel free to subscribe to my blog, which is easy to remember because its my name (Danielle Sullivan) + the number 17=… Continue reading 12.2017