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When I was typing up the title above, I almost typed 2018 instead of the new year we are in, 2019. This week is my final full week break from school & work, before returning to teaching Pre-K children in an after school program. Spring classes begin on the 14th this month, so a lot of relaxing between now and the start of classes.
Every month, I give a little lifestyle insight on my little portion of the world as I share previous blog posts and other resources (no affiliate links for this blog). I started this monthly project in the fall of 2017 after seeing a wonderful blogger Keira Lennox do monthly taking stock blog posts. I always feel the need to credit bloggers for inspiring others.
Every Monday & Wednesday I post various styled blog posts and starting Friday, I’ll be throwing in bonus content as well. This Friday, I’ll be writing an honest review about Stitch Fix, so subscribe to get an alert for when that blog posts!


Word of the Year: Cultivate. I started doing word’s of the year in 2018 and saw much success with 2018’s word of the year (improvement). 2019 will be a year of continuous growth in education, creativity, & self-aspects of life.
Word of the Month: Simplicity. Keep it simple, stupid. That was a phrase I said frequently in the summer of 2018 and in the early parts of 2017. Since I on’t have much budgeting room for going out and wasting money. Simplicity also works well with reducing trash and plastic in my apartment.

Eating & Drinking: Every New Year’s Eve, I allow myself a soda. It’s a treat for thriving & surviving another year. I started this soda tradition around 2009, when I was leaving soda’s behind to work on my physical health while playing recreational sports and marching band in high school. On NYE I consumed two cans of sugar free soda from Sprout’s and I’ll be drinking the last four cans gingerly this first week of the new year. Food wise, I’m working through the last of my standard sugar so I can move on to healthier options. After this blog post is finished, I’ll be making homemade bread to go with the peanut butter & jam I have. Yum!

Watching: While I am behind on some episodes of Doctor Who, I was able to watch all of season 9 this past week. I didn’t know until Christmas Day that the traditional Christmas Day episode was being moved to New Year’s Day; giving me time to binge watch the current season. I re-watched all of seasons 5 & 6 of Downton Abbey last month as well as started season 6 of the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Been watching some of the same shows on Hulu as I bounce between Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Sabrina, Twilight Zone, Total Divas, and others.

Stock photo

Listening: I’ve been enrolled in a jazz history course for winter intermission. This class has gotten me back into listening to jazz music regularly like I used to when I was a Music Education major (what feels like ages ago). I prefer jazz music prior to the bebop era influence of the 1950s.
Since my commutes for work and school resumes next week, that means all the podcast episodes that have been waiting to be listened to, I’ll be binge listening to A Way with Words, Chasing Creative, and the Write or Die Podcast. I’ll link these podcasts at the end of this blog if you are interested in a new podcast!
Smelling: My aunt got me an essential oil diffuser for Christmas and my apartment still smells like Eucalyptus. Jupiter (my cat) isn’t a fan, so he just likes to bother me about it.

Reading & Book Marking: While I don’t have any new book marked tabs to share, I would like to note that in 2018 I was able to complete 24 books. That’s the most books I’ve ever completed in a year and I didn’t even set a quantity goal. Since I’ll still be in school this year, the amount of books I’ll get to read will be small, but I hope to finish The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and a couple of library books I checked out through the University.
Writing: Blog content, writing pages, morning pages, spirituality journaling, concert paper and a 5-page essay. When the spring semester starts, I’m expecting to write more in school too. I tend to write best when I portion out time a little bit each day while focusing on various different projects. I do enjoy spending Sundays or Saturdays not writing, since that means I can work on other things like reading, watching TV, and relaxing.

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Waiting for: I got a couple of Amazon gift cards for the holidays as well as cashing in on gift cards I’ve earned. I don’t spend a lot of money on Amazon anymore and I try to avoid them as much as possible. My box orders should be here by the middle of January. Items included are Tarot cards, specific charging cables, items for my classroom, and more.

Loving & Enjoying: I discovered Tarot cards last year and began to dive in. Having YouTube tarot card videos on in the background as I start my night time routine helps calm down my anxiety. I don’t pay attention to them too much, but I do have a set favorites I subscribe to for comedy relief, entertainment, and even a bit of life help in general.
Maybe this year, I’ll write a blog about fate and how we all are in control of our own lives.

Feeling: Meh at the moment. This weekend I’ll be traveling to SE Oklahoma for a weekend family reunion. This reunion is always fun, since it is limited to “adults only.”  I also did not get to visit any family members (except my Aunt) during the holiday season, so needless to say I’m very happy to get to spend a weekend with family. Some members I haven’t seen in quite sometime, others it’s only been four months.
Oh that reminds me: I need to get my Smart Car’s oil changed when I return from the trip. Below are the links to the podcasts I’ve mentioned, as well as links to previous blogs:

Chasing Creative Podcast

A Way with Words

Write or Die Podcasts

Habits I’m Changing in 2019

Sharp Objects (BOOK REVIEW)

Books Read in 2018

He just wanted to be messing with my laptop while I was wrapping up this blog post. So I finally got him to pose with me. #FirstSelfieof2019

What podcasts do you suggest I look into for 2019? I hope you all have a wonderful start to the new year and don’t forget to follow me here via WordPress for future alerts on my next blogging adventures!
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