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Stitch Fix (REVIEW)

Hello, Friday! I am posting this blog before I drive three hours in this snowy weather to my family reunion. I’ve hyped this blog post up on previous blogs for the past two weeks and I am quite excited to talk about Stitch Fix. This is NOT a sponsored post, but I will share a link to try out Stitch Fix (you click the affiliate link, we both earn referral codes).
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Stitch Fix

Subscription Boxes

If you ask me, I am still weary about subscription boxes. The increase in ads I’ve seen from Book of the Month to Single Swag didn’t gel with me a couple of years ago. I managed to add credit card debt from attempting to use shopping as a coping mechanism for depression and life therapy. Since at least 2017, I’ve begun finding healthier habits for personal growth and development. I earned my $25 referral code after taking a survey and for kicks, I created a profile. I was also in a shopping mode the day I sent out my Stitch Fix request and didn’t want to go do any physical shopping. Managed to save me time and money.

Stitch Fix is a subscription program that takes information based on what you provide (including social media integration) and a stylist picks out clothes for you to try out. Once the box has shipped, you have three business days to return what you are not going to buy. My younger sister used this program for most of 2017 and when I asked her if she still used Stitch Fix, she told me to try it out but it wasn’t for her anymore.

What I do like about Stitch Fix is that you can request certain colors, patterns, or fabrics not to be sent in your box. I specifically said no green, yellow, orange, black, grey, or white. A lot of colors I already own a mix of and a couple that I don’t wear at all. Yellow being one of them.

This program works well for those who are busy adults and do not have time to go clothes shopping. The clothing sent are quality products and you have the option of choosing monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months.

Jupiter was more interested in the Stitch Fix box than the cereal boxes in the right hand corer.

December’s Box

With all the requests I asked for, I was curious to see what would be recommended to me. The day I picked up my box (December 22nd), I was wearing solid black from head to toe. I wore a simple look that day because I didn’t know what colors I’d get to try in my first Stitch Fix box.

And as you can tell, my cat Jupiter approved of the box and some of the contents in it. Note: Hide clothes away from animals who will want to shred new clothes like they are toys.

Me awkwardly posing to show off the jeans and sweater.

I’m not the best of posing with photos like this, but the jeans are from Just Black.

The boot cut jeans were wonderful and I knew instantly they would go well with the cowboy boots I like to wear when traveling and occasionally around town. $78

I did enjoy the sweater but it was a tad bit scratchy and when you look at the photo, you can see that the chest part is too big. $58

The dress was the next great item and one that I tried on last. I enjoyed the colors but soon realized the mid-section was going to be a problem, along with the large pattern. Dress is a part of the Stitch Fix brand, but can’t recall the exact label. $78

This shirt. UGH. At first, I tried it on with the design in the front and was quite disgruntled when I saw the design was meant for the back. I wear jackets all the time so no one would be able to see the design. I also do not like see thru shirts, so that was a no for me. $38

The button down shirt was nice and standard, but plaid is something I don’t wear often. I have since then marked plaid off the list. $58

In the end, I came quite close to buying the jeans. The only issue is that I could not convince myself that it would be worth spending my usual $80 clothing budget on a pair of jeans.

Stitch Fix raises the prices of the clothing sold at department stores to pay the stylist fees and to make money in return. I do enjoy the items brought to me to try, which is why I do suggest everyone try Stitch Fix just once. There’s a $20 styling fee that’s paid from the referral code, so you can see what they send you and then keep what you like or send everything back free.

Instead, I sent everything back with the USPS bag they sent with free return shipping and went to the local thrift store. I found items that I had been on the search for over the year: a jean jacket, floral jacket, and a new skirt. Total cost was $20.

Again, I would highly recommend looking into trying Stitch Fix with just one box. The link below is the referral link to create your profile. If anything, a yearly box would be great for trying new styles! Stitch Fix for me, will be a great place for looking for date night and party clothing.

Referral link for Stitch Fix

What are some of your favorite subscription boxes? I’ve considered looking in Singles Swag but I’m still not 100% sold.
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