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2019 Blog Format & Goals

Finally, the end of the first Monday of the year. Part of this was handwritten at work earlier today and I am just now typing this post up. For every new and returning follower, thank you fro the past five years of blogging adventures and advice.

Today’s post is about what goals I have for my blog here, as well as other goals I have for the first quarter. Let’s dive into these new goals for a new year!

Spring Semester &
First Quarter Goals

Spring 2019 Schedule

With this being my second semester back at the University of Oklahoma (third time enrolled in college), my spring schedules more packed tan the previous semester. In the fall, I took world literature (to 1700) and am about to wrap-up my winter intermission jazz history class this week; totaling to six hours total with one class at a time.
For the spring, I’m enrolled in eleven hours with three total classes. One three hour course is during the May intermission (American government). I’ll be taking world literature (1700 to present) on MWF at three course hours and German continued M-Friday taking the leftover five.
I’m a little concerned about German, since it’s been four years since I’ve studied German. OU also updated the textbook and now i get to spend $300 on a new textbook. Screams

First Quarter Goals

My goal for the first quarter is to continue developing my running skills. I can now jog for a solid single lap around the track without feeling too dizzy! I’ve had to become mindful of health habits, since I’m prone to certain medical dilemmas.
My workout schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays resumes tomorrow. It’s a system that worked really well in the fall and I’m excited to continue racquetball practice on Thursdays. I’m going to be spending Saturdays at home and that’ll mean Yoga Saturday mornings.

I felt that this GIF would be relevant to my schedule. Carry on.

For my blog, my goal is to continue posting twice per week with a newly added bonus on Fridays. The two posts per week posting schedule got me back to writing and keeping my creative life consistent.
The Friday bonuses will be a new branch/branding and creative outlet for my blog- photography! I’ll be posting photos every Friday and since I only use an iPhone and an iPad for my photos, they’ll be a launching point for developing this secondary creative outlet. Music is also another creative outlet that’s tied with photography.

For other writings like poetry, the plentiful novels I want to create and edit to ghostwriting- I’m keeping those goals to myself. I have continuously learned that keeping some important things to yourself helps me develop my own sense of self (amongst other qualities built).

Not everyone needs to know everything about you, or decisions you’ve made about your lifestyle. The same goes for the other end of that statement: you don’t have to completely understand every decision a friend or relative makes- focus on your own lifestyle choices.

My reading schedule will be light this spring with school work, and writing. I’ll be going to work and school Monday thru Friday; Saturdays and Sundays are my off days at home. I’ll be quite thrilled this weekend to rest before the semester begins.

What about fun trips? I’m saving up my money to buy tickets to see Gary Allan for Valentine’s Day weekend on February 16th here in Oklahoma. He has a few hit songs and is a wonderful country-rock artist:

I love this new Gutenberg set-up. At first I didn’t like it but I’ve adjusted to it over the past couple of months.

For Spring Break, I plan on staying home the entire break. I’ll be off from both where I work and school, so that week will be a wonderful week at home with my needy cat. In May, my sister’s high school graduation will be during Memorial Day weekend. I’m also hoping to go to some OU baseball & softball games from March-May.

My self-care routines are spread out throughout the week, so I don’t get overwhelmed with being an adult. Sunday nights are face mask nights, Wednesdays are still bubble bath nights, and Saturday nights are spent in meditation and with my spiritual self.

Overall, I’m quite excited for the spring semester. Stress sensitivity is a thing for me apparently, so I’m having to adjust my lifestyle to not feel (or be) so overwhelming.

Check the links below to blog posts I’ve written or recently, or one’s written about self care:

Wednesday’s Bubble Bath



I am more of a person who like to RT fun things than actually remembering to tweet.

What are some goals you have for this first quarter and spring semester? I’d love to connect with you here on my WordPress or via Twitter.

May this new year bring you love, lessons learned, & daily life beauty.


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