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Metaphysical Planner (PRODUCT REVIEW)

As someone who lives a busy lifestyle, finding the right planner takes time to get used to. I’ve had store bought planners in the past but this year, I decided to buy my first metaphysical planner from Benebell Wen after being suggested this planner in 2018. No, this is not a sponsored or affiliated post, I just wanted to write about this awesome planner.

On Monday, I wrote a blog post about my blogging goals & schedule for the spring semester and first quarter. You can always follow me here on WordPress as well on Instagram. Speaking of social media, I have started reducing my time on social media so I can focus on projects and living in the world around me. I do post pictures and tweets occasionally, especially of my needy cat.

Metaphysical Day Planner

For those of you who do not believe in these various metaphysical beliefs, that’s okay. The planner is also a really good planner and supports an online blog/business. As picky as I am with planners, this style of a planner has been difficult for me to find in stores or online.

Over the past two years, I’ve seen my own internal spiritual life internalize in its own way. Last spring, I read Parenthesis in Eternity by Joel S. Goldsmith and fell in love with the universalist ideals. Thus bringing me back to looking at the world in a more positive way. In 2018 I began learning about the law of attraction, tarot, meditation, chakras, and redefined my interest with astrology.

Benebell Wen’s planner is a customizable planner that’s fitted for your lifestyle. You can choose to include all the divinity pages or only adding ones you’ll need. I picked For example, I picked having Chinese Esoterica Set and not having archangels in my planner. I’ve recently started merging eastern philosophy and religion into my brought-up western beliefs and find that some aspects of each blend together.

I ordered this planner in the beginning of November 2018 and recieved the PDF digital download by the last week of November! That was perfect timing, because I already needed to start adding events and such to m 2019 planner.

The resources pages are helpful for when I’m needing inspiration for sorting out life fluff. Astrology forecasts, planetary movements, Chinese auspicious dates, and previous pages as mentioned. There’s also a guide book for the planner that’s an amazing companion.

You are also given several cover designs & back designs to choose from. Notice the cover of my binder- one of the wonderful cover pages for the front insert of my binder!

Picture from this morning, with my cup of coffee and the binder opened up to The Seal of Lau Tzu & Roster of Taoist Fu Sigils for Spell-Crafting.

Benebell’s planner is only $25 (via PayPal), which is a wonderful deal. If you have yet to buy a planner for 2019 (I am not 100% sure if Wen is still producing planners for this year), I highly recommend this planner for 2020 and beyond. The planner portion of this planner has a section for planning for the future (one, three, and five year plans), vision board, and a monthly and quarterly pages. Once you order your planner, you are sent the pages you ordered and then you receive a digital copy. Then it is up to you to have it printed via LuLu, a print shop, or at home. For me, it was more cost effective to use the paper and two binders I have to print the planner and guide book at home. I hardly ever use my printer, so this was a great way for me to use what I already have invested. I also put to use the hundreds of sheet protectors and dividers I have to make the planner work with what I already own.

Cover page for the planner & Guidebook!

You can choose between three sizes: U.S. letter size (8.5” by 11”), trade paperback (6” by 9”), and European standard (8.27” by 11.69”). Included with your purchase is your personal natal and solar return chart. Your natal chart is created by the time of birth, location, and date of birth. It truly helps to have this information, to have an accurate look at where specific planets and signs are in your circular chart. Your solar return chart is based on where you are currently residing when your birthday arrives. You can use both charts to learn more about your personal life and year ahead. The guidebook was quite helpful for me when reading about my own natal and solar return chart.

Caution: I learned that I don’t have to share my chart with family. I was at family reunion this past weekend and showed my Mom my chart and my sister, at different times. I had started showing my sister my binder in a conference room and a couple of relatives arrived and was not approving of the Eastern philosophy pages. Next time, I’ll just share the chart in private if need be.

I wrote that statement above, because shielding your chart helps protect you from people using your chart against you. After that event, I worked on silent meditation and affirmations to shield my chart. I’ve actually considered moving my chart out of my binder and leaving it with my guidebook. That’s the beauty of printing it at hone for a binder- you can remove and add pages.

Want to order your own? For now, go to this link and save the webpage to your bookmarks. Follow Benebell Wen on twitter or via her blog to get an update this fall when she’ll be releasing her next metaphysical planner.

Benebell Wen’s 2019 Metaphysical Day Planner

What are some of your favorite pages to add to a planner? Let me know in the comments below and I wish you all the best this week!


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