Jupiter’s Paws

Hello from wherever you are reading this! I hope you have enjoyed your first full week of the new year. Mine was busy wrapping up my jazz history winter intermission course and returning from work after the holidays.

Sticking to my word, below is a photo I wanted to share for this weeks photography Fridays. I use my iPhone’s camera to take photos and love working on this secondary creative outlet. Not every photo I share will be from the current week since I have a backlog of photos I have yet to upload and share with the world.

Every MWF, I post content from blogs to photography. I haven’t been spending much time on social media but you are free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter.
Note: the header photo is from Pexels, via WordPress stock photos.


This photo was taken in October 2018. after my return trip from my hometown of Huntsville, Texas. I had only adopted Jupiter a month prior and was adjusting to living with pets again. Jupiter’s paws was resting on my dream journal and morning journal, preventing me from writing until he moved to the window seal. At the time, I was using one of my bar stools to hold my books instead of my nightstand (that’s still being used for something else). He tends to provide distractions when I’m writing and I’ve grown accustomed to it.
I enjoy the lighting in this photo, with the natural light coming into the window. I’ve considered cropping out the top portion, and just feature the back leg and paw. For now though, I thought the whole photo will be fine.

Thank you for checking out today’s story behind the photo & the photo itself.

Enjoy your weekend!


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