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Inspiration vs. Motivation

Monday’s aren’t that terrible if you ask me. Read further to hear my true thoughts about Mondays below. Today’s post is inspired by a leadership podcast episode I listened to this past week. If you enjoy this content then feel free to follow me here on WordPress for future Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts.
Let’s go ahead and get those ideas flowing! Header and featured image are both credited to pexels, a free stock photo website that works with WordPress.

This past week, I was listening to a podcast episode from Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast and in that episode from 2018, he mentioned that there’s a difference between inspiration and motivation. I agreed instantly while in a stand-still traffic jam. Thus, I decided to write a blog post/blurb about this subject. Click the button below to save this link to this podcast:

Which one comes first- inspiration or motivation?

Personally, inspiration is cued first for me. With the example above, I felt inspired to write content. Motivation didn’t settle in until last night. This topic had been written on my dry erase board all weekend and I am just now writing about it.

What do you do when both motivation and inspiration “hit” at the same time?

You run with it and see where it takes you.
This happened yesterday evening between 3-7:30 P.M. I started out reviewing my Deutsch (German) language skills with hardly any motivation. Spring semester begins today and its been three years since I’ve studied Deutsch consistently.
Two minutes of working on creating my notebook led to working past the end of Chapter One (Kapitel Ein) to blending into Chapter Two *Kapitel Zwei). Before I knew it, inspiration hit to continue reviewing for another hour… leading to the motivation to power thru the rest of the second chapter before starting my night time routine.
I took breaks of course and needless to say, I left feeling more confident going into today’s 11:30 AM class. Imagine if I didn’t have the self-discipline to start with just two minutes of learning!

The hilarious factor during last nights study session was that I had no moment where I just wanted to quit. Lessons I learned about conjugations, SVT (Subject, Verb, Time) word order flooded back to me. If anything, I had a better grasp of what my Grad student teacher was drilling into my mind three years ago. When I took a thirty minute break around 6 P.M., it dawned on me what just happened: Motivation and discipline worked hand-in-hand with inspiration!

A few months ago, I posted a blog about the different between motivation and self-discipline. Now, I’m adding in inspiration to that bubble. inspiration itself can be anything: it doesn’t have to be charismatic. Seeing cute photos and positive endings to “feel good stories, o watching you cat nap and realizing that stress can easily float away with meditation.
Okay, so that’s an odd example but it led me to be inspired to write this post and let the Universe take care of events outside of my control.

What if I’m not feeling inspired or motivated?

Some photos of unique photography backgrounds inspire me to create. If you’ve ever set a desktop or smart phone background image, it feels inspiring at first. Then after looking at it day after day, it begins to not create those same initial feelings. For that, I say change up your wallpaper every month. Alternate between two-three photos. that helps me not become stuck with lack of inspiration.

For motivation, I’d argue that if you use discipline and mundane-mushy “just do it” positive mentality, it’ll create a spark of motivation. For starters, give yourself a “take five.” Take five minutes to center your being/higher self/present state of min before starting that project you’ve been pulling away from. Then, find a place to start. Make lists if you have to!
If you work on it for two minutes, you feel the motivation to continue for an additional minute and then two more minutes. Soon, the time and energy spent is more than you thought you would accomplish. Pause when you need to. Adjust your intentions and continue pushing thru the daily hustle of life.

Personally, I learned last semester that Mondays are my most productive days of the week. After I read this article about the science backing that up, I started to adjust how I viewed Mondays: as a new positive start for the week.

By the way, I am no means perfect. I have started to stray away from certain perfectionism tendencies and just let life and other things flow naturally. Some days I don’t follow my advice. I just wanted to ramble about something before I start classes today.

Want to read other blog posts I’ve written? Check out these linked blog posts below and I want to thank you for stopping by today. May your week ahead be filled with joy, light, and lessons learned this week.

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