Habits I’m Changing in 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve! There’s only less than five hours till the New Year and I hope that 2018 was a year filled with love, learning, and opportunities! I will continue posting blogs on Monday’s & Wednesday’s for 2019. I’ll save sharing further news until next week.
Today’s brief blog post is a small list of habits I want to change to continue to improve for my own personal life. If there’s anything you would suggest or add, feel free to comment at the end of this blog!

I’m Changing
in 2019

Eating Habits

This one is a large part of the habits I am working on developing. Understand that it takes 21 days to stop an old habit into a new habit. In 2018, I was able to start looking at what I was eating and adjusting to healthier options. I am almost done with using basic flour and I’d like to transition to coconut or almond flour. Little transitions away from standard salt to Himalayan salt.
On that note, I’d like to continue working on when and where I eat. For example, I have a tendency to snack while I’m sitting at my office/writing desk. I just recently moved my office desk out from my bedroom to the living room in my 500 square foot apartment.
This has improved my own sleep and stress, while making it simpler to have my office desk in the living room, so I can focus. The downside to this, is that my desk is not too far from the kitchen.

Another two places I would like to reduce snacking is in my bedroom (specifically my bed) and while I am driving my car to and from work & school. I am also working on using up the last of my coffee and moving away from coffee, after drinking plenty of coffee over the past five years.


This one is simple and doesn’t need much explanation. This also goes hand in hand with time management.

Nighttime & Morning Routines

I still have a habit of bringing my cell phone or tablet with me to scroll through social media or online sticky notes before going to bed. I’ve been transitioning to making sure that I set my alarm on my phone and have it charging across the room. Tablets and other technology are turned off and I don’t turn them back on until after going through a tech-free morning routine.

I actually moved email off my cell phone, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to check emails first thing in the morning, after turning off the alarms.

Meditation & Mindfulness

I started out 2018 doing continuous daily practice in meditation. I fell by the way side half-way through the year, but I was able to start improving mindfulness. I plan on picking meditation back up in January, starting with weekly practice.

Interested in reading blogs I’ve written on these subjects? Feel free to click on these links for further reading:
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I am grateful for all of you for your continuous support this past year. To those who have read the content I’ve posted here since 2014 or for those who have just recently joined me- thank you so much!
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