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Woah. We only have four months left in the year, can you believe it?
If you are new or a consistent follower, welcome to this months Taking Inventory Blog Series. This series is written at the beginning of each new month, providing you an inside look of my life. As always you can follow me here on WordPress. Next month’s Taking Inventory Series will be special, since it’ll be the one year anniversary of starting this project. 😀

Co-Worker shared this with me. I had to share it on here, so true!

Word of the month:  Positivity. A few changes will begin this month. Returning to college, adapting to new routines, etc. Positivity is needed to see some of the finer events going on. Perspective is another solid word choice as well. Feel stuck in your certain situation? Realize that there’s a rotating fan in the corner of your bedroom and that their are thousands of people all breathing at various times. 

Eating: One of the coolest feelings (as an adult), is working with what I have left in my kitchen. The last time I went grocery shopping was June 30th. My goal is to eat everything out of my kitchen, and use everything up. I learned this week, not to try overnight oats until I have the correct style of oats. I’m now down to ramen noodles, spaghetti, cherries, rice, and frozen vegetables & fruit. I’ll probably save grocery shopping to next week.

Drinking: I tried sparkling water today. Not a fan, but I do enjoy the slight change in drink options. Even with the hottest days of the summer approaching, I’m still dedicated to water.

Reading: On August 8th, Barnes & Noble is having its second book club meeting. I may or may not attend, but I’ve got about 100 pages left, before I have to return the book next week. Clock Dance, Anne Tyler is a wonderful story about forgiving the past, and working with the future. The second book for the month hasn’t been picked yet.

Listening: I’ve got six discs left of Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince audio book before I finally wrap up the series with book seven. I’m still alternating between the podcasts I follow and various YouTube audio clips for mental & self-help improvement.

Making: Nada. Keeping life simple with food options. I do have vanilla icing I need to use…

Watching:  I am down to the last four episodes of the original Star Trek, as well as the last six episodes of season one of the Twilight Zone. Haven’t picked the movie I want to watch this month, so if you have any suggestions (that are on Hulu), let me know in the comments below! Other shows like Lost, Empire, etc. have been put on temporary hold.


IMG_0557.GIFSmelling: Summer/Beach smells and lavender lotion. Still working through some of the products I’ve been given as gifts.

Book Marking:Creative Questions To Create The Lifestyle You Really Want
 I’ve had this saved for sometime, and it helps to answer a question or so a day.

Loving: I’ll be publishing a review next Friday, but I finally received my MLB Sports Crate! Being skeptical about box subscriptions, I was content with what I received on my first box. I’ve got one more arriving at the end of this month, and that should last me until I want winter clothing.

Enjoying: Two weeks ago, I wrapped up my last *paid* counseling session. I had been going to counseling with that particular counselor since March. A few months before, I was at the same facility with a different counselor; her methods didn’t work for calming my anxiety. So the counselor I had just recently started his own branch, so it worked that I could end my sessions at that place at the end of July. I’ll resume counseling, along with my return as a University student. Which by the way, have I mentioned that I won’t have to pay for University counseling? That’ll save me money now, so I can continue adding money to my savings account.

 Feeling: I return to college on August 21st. I’m still waiting for financial aid to work itself out. I’ll be working full-time and taking six hours. I’m only taking one class at a time, and I feel like a fish out of water. No really. I haven’t been in school for over three years. How does online learning work now, with the change of platforms? What rules have been  added? What study habits actually worked for me. The realization that school was actually starting this month dawned on me on the 1st, and now I’m trying to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into. So for now, I’m just content with the fact that I’m getting to return to school a semester earlier than I had planned.


What are some of your favorite foods to eat in August? Let me know in the comment section below, and I wish you the best this month. 

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