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*Insert classic statement about the ending of another year here*

Every month, I write a blog snippet looking into various shifting elements in my life. While a blog post wasn’t posted this past Wednesday, my goal is to post blogs on Mondays and Wednesday’s every week. This month, I’ve added a couple of new categories to offset the merged ones. The header photo is of my cat, Jupiter, sitting next to my Christmas tree. ūüėõ

Word of the month: Continuation. Tomorrow will be the final class of the fall 2018 semester. I only missed two classes all semester, which is a record for me. Next week is finals week, so a lot of time will be spent studying and then enjoying a mini break before the winter intermission starts. Continuing the projects I started at the beginning of this year will be a mini goal during the break- while also wrapping up as many projects as possible.

Eating & Drinking: Soups. God, I love soup. Next week, I plan on trying a new recipe (suggested by a Twitter friend). Save this saffron vegetable soup with quinoa to your Pinterest board for a future dinner. 
Drinking habits still consist of hot chocolate, hot tea, & water. Don’t forget the Sunday coffee.

Watching: Taking a break from watching¬†Sabrina the Teenage Witch,¬†and I’ve shifted my focus to¬†Alfred Hitchcock Presents¬†on Hulu. I’ll start watching holiday movies this week, since I took a break from watching holiday movies last year. Helped tremendously with my mental health at the time.

Listening: I commute five days a week to school and for work. Which means ten hours a week are spent in the car driving. That’s the best time for me to listen to podcasts. This month, I suggest listening to Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast. I’d suggest starting from episode one and working your way forward to where they are now. I usually listen to two to three podcasts on one commute to my destination.

Smelling: Using the two mini holiday candles I found hiding in the cabinet. Besides those holiday candles, I’ll also have my little stash of essential oils. I mainly use those for bath time, but I’ve now started to enjoy Eucalyptus.¬†

Stash of books from the University library. Three of them are being returned this week, once my term paper is turned in.

Reading & Book Marking: A lovely friend of mine gave me a stash of books to borrow last month and one to keep. I read through the university publication book, that has a mix of poetry and photography in two evenings. I’ve got three chapters left of¬†Religious Confusion¬†by Lawrence Neisent.
My¬†goal¬†for this month is to complete reading any books that I shelved for later at any point during 2018. I also checked out three books from the University library to read more on the concept of western narrative. The list of books I’d like to read over the winter break are as follows:
The Adventures of Sherlock Homes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (half-read)
Learning How to Learn, Idries Shah (half-read)
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations, Mike Figgis
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations, Georges Polti (published in 1916, reprinted 1945)
A Guide to the Novel, Richard Eastman

Writing: Blog content for sure. I’d like to start practicing poetry as many evenings as I can, or ton continue working through my personal writer’s journal. I’ll probably have a winter intermission paper to write, but I’ll learn about that one three weeks from now.
By the way, I believe i completed NaNoWriMo my own way. Mainly spent November taking a break from the usual participation, but I did manage to write (by hand) every day. That’s a win to me.

Waiting for: A tote bag I ordered over three years ago is now being shipped from Germany. Interested to see how this turns out.

If you look at some of the blog badges on the home page, I’ve added a new badge recently. Influenster is a app that allows you to review items and share them with the world. Since I’m new to reviewing products and the like, I’ll be adding a “Personal review” section in 2019. Reviewed products will be specifically labeled with the correct wordage needed, to let everyone know that the product is reviewed/sponsored.

Sometime this month, my first “VoxBox” will arrive in the mail. I’ll get to try out some fun make-up! Definitely checkout my Instagram account when you get the chance I’m starting to shift it away from personal photos to online content.

Yellow wood block letters read “Happy Holidays, Happy New Year”

Loving & Enjoying: I’ve practically made it through the fall season. Winter is approaching & I am QUITE HAPPY with how much better my seasonal depression has gotten. Words can not explain the progress shown when comparing 2017 to 2018. I’m also quite happy not to be moving right now, like last year. I’ll be staying here at my apartment complex for a second year. I could move to the town in where my school is, but it’s actually cheaper for me to drive than to pay an extra $200-400/month for a single bedroom apartment.

Feeling: Currently, a little stressed. Term Paper is due tomorrow, even though the professor gave an extra week for the paper. I’m almost finished with it- need to continue editing. This will also be my 8th version of my term paper. I’m quite glad I started on this in October, rather than this month.
Besides that, I’m a little bit more festive this year. My apartment complex is having a door decorating contest and I spent three hours yesterday wrapping my door.¬†

I truly hope 2018 has brought you joy, newly found wisdom, & gratefulness. Check out these links below to read up on other posts I’ve made this year:
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Thanks for reading today’s first blog post of December 2018. Always feel free to follow me here on my WordPress blog for future blog posts!

All links in this blog post are not affiliation posts. They are for the true purpose of sharing articles, social media accounts (that belong to me), and fun recipes.

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