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For those of you returning to work today after a small Thanksgiving break, I hope today goes well! Today’s blog is a topic suggestion from Pinterest. The past few blog posts have been re-introductions for new and returning readers. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress for the latest Monday & Wednesday blog posts. Today’s blog is a self-ish look at some guilty pleasures of mine.


I was quite happy to have Wednesday through Sunday off for the Thanksgiving holiday break. During those days off, I was able to re-plot my plants, deep clean my apartment, and start wrapping up projects I started earlier this fall. Bubble bath’s were a wonderful add-in bonus for the off-days. 

Shopping & Gifts

Small Business Saturday was a wonderful treat! I had made myself stay at home all day Thanksgiving and Black Friday, since I had no purpose buying anything on those days. I managed to buy Michael Buble’s new album “love” on Vinyl and save $3 for shopping local. To work with Saturday’s bubble bath, I visited my local emporium for essential oils to soak with the last of my bath salts.

I did have the option of going to a local bookstore and tea shop, but since I’ve been downsizing the books on my shelf, I haven’t felt the need to buy books. And, I’m stocked up on tea for several months.

Three years ago, I managed to rack up credit card debt and buy items I didn’t need. I’ve slowly found ways to not feel the need to shop every day. I’d argue that window shopping and doing research on supposed “needed’ items helps reduce money wasted.

Television & the Arts

Alfred Hitchcock presets is on in the background. I started last night with continuing binge watching from where I paused a few months ago. On Saturday November 17th, I started binge watching Downton Abbey. I own the full complete set on DVD (a gift exchanged from my Grandmother). Today I’m on season 5 and am saving the rest of the two seasons for after my Term Paper is turned in next week.

Binge watching has transformed my time spent during the day. Older shows do well for writing or organizing my work to (meal planning, cleaning, and scheduling) takes up a portion of my weekends. Shorter episodic shows are easier to not have to pay too much attention to. Shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation require more focus and those are best for paying full attention. I’m down to the last two seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and plan on saving the rest of this comedy show for the end of the fall semester.

During the summer, I got to attend a few performances by the Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park theater company. I enjoy going to a few theater shows and sports events every year. Might change up which venues I go to in 2019.

Books, books, and more books

I mentioned earlier my two full shelves of books. For now, I’ve been reading religious books, since they are great for nighttime reading and are short. I’ve also started reading a few Sherlock Holmes stories to help me read at night time. 

Haven’t decided what I want to read during the holiday break between the fall and spring semester. I’ve been reading a few scholarly books all semester and there’s a mini list of academic books I’d like to read to further my education on creative writing.

What are some guilty pleasures of yours? Let’s discuss them in the comments below and you can always follow me on Twitter!
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