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Favorite foods (non-traditional Thanksgiving edition)

Amidst the holidays, I hope you’ve enjoyed your week thus far. I decided not to post this on Wednesday; saving it for today. Next week, I’ll be back on track with posting on Mondays & Wednesdays. Today’s brief post is a list of my favorite foods and links with the recipe. Let’s dive into some meals!

Friendsgiving 2018- Lasagna, dinner rolls, green beans/corn, gravy, cupcakes, & holiday chex mix! 😀

Wednesday evening, friends and I had our own version of Friendsgiving. It was entertaining going grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving. Most of the foods on our serving list (for five to eight people) were non-traditional Thanksgiving foods. I’ll share what we ate; as well as sharing various other favorite foods.

Eating habits & transitions

Growing up, I always enjoyed cereal. For several years, cereal would be all that I would eat. Three times a day started to add up! Over the years, I’ve switched from whole to soy to lactose-free milk. Even my cereal options have slowly transitioned to healthier options to granola. A new favorite breakfast choice is granola, yogurt, & berries. Yummy!

At least three or four years ago, I started to reduce the amount of meat I consumed. Living on a ranch, I always managed to have a supply of meat and bacon. Bacon was difficult for me to leave, but I have seen my health improve since then. If I’m truly seeking protein, I like chicken or fish every month or so. A few times, I have considered going vegan. I’ve managed to live without eggs. I’ve managed to reduce cheese consumption, but it’s one I’m least likely to let go of.

Ever since I’ve reduced eating turkey and meat, thanksgiving as become a challenge. On the other hand, I’ve become more attuned to the adventure with creatively making new foods and new traditions.

Main course: Veggie Lasagna

While I did not help with cooking lasagna, my friend has always been a pro at making lasagna. Since this was the first meal she ever learned to cook over ten years ago, it was a wonderful process to watch her prepare and make the lasagna. Since we were serving for five people, we ended up using two and a half jars of pesto sauce! Instead of using various meats, we ended up using frozen veggie chips to layer throughout the lasagna.

Sides: Veggies, dinner rolls & gravy

Originally, we were supposed to have stuffing. Instead, we opted in for homemade gravy. When we were shopping, we forgot the most important part for stuffing: bread cubes! I laughed for several minutes when I realized this just as we started making dinner. At the end of this blog, I’ll link the homemade gravy recipe we used via Pinterest.

We coated the dinner rolls with melted butter and garlic, once it was toasted in the oven for 10 minutes. I’ve always appreciated bread during the holidays, especially dinner rolls!

Veggies were a mix of corn and green beans. I used to be against buying frozen fruit and veggies. That was until I realized how much money I wasted by not using the fresh produce on time. Frozen veggies has been a convince for needing veggies as needed.

Desserts: cupcakes & peppermint chex mix

Next Saturday, I’ll be volunteering where I work to help kids make gifts for their family. I’ll be helping 1st graders make reindeer treat. Read the recipe on the left for the recipe & turnout picture. While that’s the one I sampled this week, the one I made at home a couple of days ago tasted a tad different. I struggled with finding Hersey’s Candy Cane Mint Bar at the grocery store I was at. Instead, I bought peppermint candy bites to break apart and melt. For any of my parents or teachers, you might find this fun to cook with children!

I have a slew of cupcake sleeves in my pantry. I’ve had them for a few years and I’ve been working through the package of over 300+ colored sleeves. In May, I baked patriotic cupcakes for a work meeting and was glad to finally use up the last of my frosting and sprinkles. The next goal I’d like to learn how to make, is muffins!

Link to recipes:

Homemade stuffing



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Thank you for reading this blog today! Every few months, I write food inspired posts. Always feel free to follow me here on WordPress or on Twitter, where I spend most of my social media time.

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