Childhood Memories

For the past few posts, I’ve been writing about various “get to know me” posts. I found a slew of blog post ideas from Pinterest that sparked my interest in blogging again. New blog posts are made every Monday and Wednesday here on Sullivan’s Writings and if you enjoy reading the content, please feel free to share it with others! This is also my 151st blog post on here as well! Blogging started out as a hobby and I love connecting with various readers and growing along the way.
Let’s begin a dive to my childhood that’s filled with ups and downs.

Childhood Memories

Four years ago, I wrote a personal blog about my relationship with my father. To date, that post has been the highest read blog I’ve posted. At first, I was worried about posting a personal story about my childhood but I found comfort in finally learning to cope with what was.

My father and mother never married; for a short time I was raised by my Mother. A lot of the first few years of my life has been told to me by second hand, since I don’t recall those days. I was quite a happy summer baby until  my days in the sun was moved to living with my Dad.

My father’s six foot build and western behavior provided for a stern discipline household. For a few years as the only girl as a child, my life was a living hell. No TV, limiting music choices, and no sleepovers. This was from when I was in 3rd to 5th grade. Those were the days to socialize with friends and such, but I was deprived of those luxuries. 

My father’s abusive behavior (with people and money) eventually caught up with him. The last I checked, he was not wanting to register as a sex offender in Texas and was fleeing out to the Northwest part of the States. In the summer of 2005, I was moved to live with my mother, younger half-sister, and my grandfather. From 6th grade to the end of high school, I continuously had to re-learn socializing with friends and family; as well as to learn how to control my temper and emotional state.

I am grateful for the discipline that my father taught me. At times, I forget about it when I’m out and about. I’ve also been blessed with two different parenting styles between my mother and father. While I do not want children, I do like knowing how these parenting styles have influenced me working with Pre-K children.

On the plus side, I got to discover my interests in reading, writing, music, and watching sports. The way my childhood was has lead me to pursuing a creative career and finding out who I am. One of the interesting ways I learned to cope with my frustrations during 2007-2010 was by watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). While I still watch the product occasionally, I found watching and participating in sports therapeutic.

My younger half-sister and I enjoying play time many years ago.

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