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Three personality traits I’m proud of

Three personality traits I’m proud of

Knowing that I needed to post something today, I decided to give WordPress’s Gutenberg a try. Originally, I had scheduled this post to be a sneak peak of new weekly post arriving in 2019. Instead, I’ve opted in combining these two subjects. Every Monday and Wednesday, I post a blog piece covering a variety of subjects.

Every Monday and Wednesday, I post a blog piece covering a variety of subjects.

Three personality traits I’m proud of

  • Finishing what I started. 
    • Determination can be good sometimes.I am bound and determined to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I have several novel ideas that will either turn into published books, or to free books I self-publish. Currently training two days a week to run a 5K in Oklahoma City. The list goes on. If I set my heart to a goal, then I need to take small steps to reach that goal.
  • Sociability
    • This is a pro and a con. Being a Gemini, I have found ways to communicate via spoken and written words my thoughts and ideas. This year, I discovered that I had started to develop anxiety with interacting with people outside of work. The downside is when I want to be social, but continue to isolate myself away from people. Or, when people say “you talk a lot.” Well, that usually seems that way, since I probably went through a couple of days of staying at home with my cat.
  • Counterpoint: changing personality as life goes on.
    •  Over the past year, my personality has shifted from constantly being surrounded by friends and family to only getting to spend a few hours a week with friends. The downside to this is that I have a tendency to call my mom several times a day to have random conversations that last hours. I’v learned to change naturally, which is how trait #3 came about.

2019 sneak peak!

Photography has always been a growing hobby of mine. I still use my iPhone and iPad to take the pictures I have. Sure, I’d love to own a fancy camera to improve my work quality. But quality improvement, just like writing, doesn’t need fancy technology. You just have to hone in on the talent you have.

Starting in 2019, I will be posting on Fridays photos from the past and present. Each photo is watermarked with my simple signature. Eventually, I’d like to start doing the same things with my writings.

Nature photo shoot, November 2018. Danielle Sullivan photography.

As always, you can follow me here on WordPress for future blog posts. Feel free to check out previous blogs I’ve written about writing, creativity & mental health. 
Have any content suggestions or topics you would like for me to cover in 2019? Feel free to let me know in the comment section or by emailing me at

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