20 Facts About Me

Happy Monday! It’s snowing here in Oklahoma and I’ve been able to spend the day at home. I repeat it is snowing in November! On Monday’s and Wednesday’s I enjoy posting relevant blog posts about various topics. Today’s blog is a re-done subject I wrote four years ago when I created this blog. As always, feel follow to follow me here for future posts. Starting in 2019, new content and menu changes on the blog.

Twenty Facts About Me

Summer 2013. Out-dated photo, but my favorite memory. 


  1. I started out my college days at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I originally wanted to earn a degree in Music Education, but medical issues changed the direction of my career goals. I still love performing and music; being out in the heat for too long drains me, which is why I haven’t been in marching band since 2013.
  2. Even with my distancing from marching  band, I still support marching band. I transferred to the University of Oklahoma and changed my major to English-Writing. Managed to go through various other degree options until  I finally declared English-Writing this fall. I also plan on getting a teacher’s certification in K-12 for English. This will be a back-up plan.
  3. This is my third time in college. First was 2012-2013 in Texas, second was 2014-2015 here in Oklahoma and I was able to return to OU this fall. The original goal was to return to college spring 2019 and I’m grateful that I got to return part-time this fall.
  4. I believe in the Universe. Growing up in a christian church environment, I’ve learned to adopt various theologies to match my own.
  5. Currently its National Novel Writing Month. I won 2015-2017 and right now, I am stuck. I’ve still been writing daily- just not novel writing. That to me, is a victory. I also have been handwriting or typing up blogs so I haven’t been counting my words this month.


  6. Jupiter is my current cat. I’ve had two cats before and both of them died in Texas. I adopted Jupiter this September; even after writing a blog on how you should wait to adopt a pet till after you are out of debt.
  7. This goes with fact #6: learning to cope with depression and anxiety takes time. Last year, I was not in the safest place or mental space. I adopted Jupiter to help me cope with my depression. 
  8. A fun hobby of mine is gardening. Jupiter’s managed to destroy most plants that I brought inside. When March rolls around, I’ll start prepping my porch garden outside my apartment. I’ll also start treating my plants and doing some gardening cleaning before the gardening season starts.
  9. Sports are a part of my daily lifestyle. I have a preference for college football, Boston Red Sox, and I still enjoy watching wrestling.
  10. Favorite breakfast food is cereal. I’ve had to switch to non-lactose milk this year, since my tummy has started to not digest certain foods well.


  11. Occasionally, I’ll eat meals that have chicken or fish. I’ve been able to stay away from red meat for the past two years. Slowly finding a way to start decreasing the amount of cheese I eat.
  12. Earlier I mentioned anxiety. This year, I’ve been dealing with the most anxiety I’ve ever dealt with. In March of this year, I was in a car accident that totaled my car. My first reaction was a melt down and it took me several days to calm down. On the plus side, this lead me to purchasing my first car- 2013 Smart Car!
  13. Astrology is a subject I was interested in when I was younger and this year, my interest has returned. My birthday is June 19th and I am a triple Gemini. Meaning, that my sun, moon, and ascendant sign is in Gemini. I am also born during the Gemini-Cancer cusp days.
  14. I have also started to learn more about astrology, house placements, and tarot cards. Hence why I believe in the Universe.
  15. Most of the jobs I have ever worked for have all been retail or the food industry. Recently, I started working as a after school Pre-K teacher. This change was needed to propel me to my next career path. I burned out with working in retail and food after being told that “I’m too nice.”


  16. As much as I enjoy writing and will work my way to being a published author I have considered becoming a agent in the publishing business. This is something I have started learning about and will hopefully start gaining experience post college.
  17. Speaking of college, if I am able to continue to strive towards earning my degree, I should graduate May 2022. Slowly working my way towards becoming a full-time student again. Once I am ready, I would like to resume my active participation with Kappa Kappa Psi. Kappa Kappa Psi is a National Honorary Band Fraternity. The downside is that my trombone, music supplies, and mutes were stolen last fall and I have not been able to replace my stolen items.
  18. Reading is a hobby of mine, as well. I have two bookshelves full of books and resources. Been working through my shelf and books that I no longer need are being donated to friends or to the library.
  19. While I live in Oklahoma City and go to school/work in Norman, I enjoy spending my one hour commutes listening to podcasts and music. I’m actually saving money by living where I am and driving, rather than paying an extra $200 in living in Norman. 
  20. New changes coming to my blog in 2019. I’ve got penned in my blog planner in January of 2019 to write more about these projected blog changes. As of now, that’ll still mean publishing blogs on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Photography skills are beginning to improve, so Friday photography posts will begin in 2019. 


Thank you so much for reading today’s re-introduction blog post. Below, is a list of blogs I’ve written and wanted to re share here:

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