Taking Inventory Series


Good evening! Hope you are excited for the next few weeks of a full moth of fall weather. Holidays and NaNoWriMo are here which means taking care of yourself first. The blog posting schedule of Monday’s and Wednesday blog post will still continue as we etch closer to the end of the year. 
Every month, I post a monthly taking inventory post, to observe my life and the environment around me. You can always check out previous posts under the Taking Inventory Series tag under the new menu options here on daniellesullivan17.com. 

Let’s dive in!

Word of the month: Intentional. Trying to mold new habits by finding ways to break bad habits. For starters, I would like to transition away from eating in my car during my commutes.

Local organic coffee shop I visited this weekend

Making/Eating/Drinking: The seasonal foods for November and December are filled with comfort foods. For example, I love soup during this time of the year. Especially this recipe for a mock Panera Bread broccoli and cheddar cheese soup. Hot chocolate and apple cider are also drinks that I enjoy during the holiday season. Also, don’t forget to continue drinking plenty of water!

Watching: Not being subscribed to Netflix has its advantages and disadvantages. One pro is that you save $10 a month; the con is when new shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina launch and you don’t have access to the show. Sure, I could find a friend to watch the show with, but I’m halfway through season four of the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I might wait to watch the Netflix original, till I finish the original show on Hulu.

Listening: Musical tastes are still relatively the same. I’ve found listening to slam poetry via YouTube before going would help me find new ways to express myself in my writings. While I haven’t listened to an audio book since September, I’m hoping to start listening to one again soon.

Reading: Since its National Novel Writing Month, my reading time goes down to magazines and academic work. I’ve also started limiting my social media time, specifically on Twitter, to one hour a day. Sometimes, I have a tendency to get lost in to various writers timeline before going into writing.

Frost beard candles!

Smelling: I used up the last of my stash of candles last month! Before I ran out, I went and bought some of Frostbeard’s studio candles to last for the next few seasons. Their candles are soy based, lead-free cotton wick, and has naturally fragrance oils. I’ve seen these candles for over three years on Etsy and Amazon and it was nice that I was able to support a small business with these healthier candles.

Book Marking: World-building Reddit board. Just go check it out.

Enjoying: The opportunity to learn. Had an exam today, which was stressful. I’ve only missed one class so far and that’s better than missing weeks of school, like I used to in 2014.

Loving: FALL. I used to not observe trees during the fall, because I just hated seasonal changes. Now, I take pictures of various trees throughout my day. It makes me happy now. Seasonal depression is still here, but its improved so much over the year.

Feeling: A little stressed, but I’m trying to manage it. Behind on my National Novel Writing Month word count, but I’m in no rush. I’ve been able to journal more and use up the resources I have. It’s a wonderful feeling! Everyday, I write a mini list of what I am grateful for. On average, I list three things and sometimes, the list continues to grow. 

What are some of your favorite things during the fall season? Let’s have a conversation in the comment section below, and I hope you have a fantastic week! 

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